Peruse Peru at Pisco 305 for Latinx Heritage Month

Sep 17, 2021 at 07:00 am by ShellyReed7

Pisco 305 in Murfreesboro

Hey y’all! This upcoming month is Latinx Heritage Month, and I would encourage everyone to go out and support their favorite Latinx owned and run small businesses in Rutherford County, especially this month. If you haven’t been to one yet, definitely make sure to add one to your foodie bucket list to try.

I wanted to share how much I love Pisco 305, a newer Peruvian restaurant in Murfreesboro. I had never had Peruvian food before, so I went in with an open mind and empty belly, and let the waitress recommend some traditional food to try. Since then, I have been back and will continue to return.

Pisco 305 is located just off of Thompson Lane, in the strip mall along with Moe’s Southwest Grill and Jason’s Deli. If you weren’t looking for it, it would be easy to miss from the outside (trust me — you do not want to miss what is inside!). The atmosphere is a vibrant, fun, colorful vibe, and is a great spot to grab dinner or enjoy happy hour.

Upon walking in, the bar is right smack dab in the front. It’s low lit, but there are lanterns on each table, turquoise and pink neon lights hanging from the ceiling, and a large neon Pisco 305 sign illuminates the wall to the right of the bar. The chairs are brightly colored lime green and sunset orange as well. There are a few TVs throughout the restaurant, often showing cooking of delicious global cuisine.

On the table for an appetizer when dining in is a small bowl of cancha, which are whole corn kernels that are fried in oil and are a crunchy, tasty snack. I tried the yuquita a la huancaina for an appetizer, which was basically crispy potatoes with Peruvian yellow sauce, and for my entrée, the waitress recommended that I try the lomo saltado, which was similar to steak fajitas with onions and tomatoes atop french fries, and covered in a delicious brown gravy sauce with a side of rice. The presentation was beautiful. The portion was very large, and definitely is enough food for two — I had leftovers for days.

For a drink, I tried the Sol y Sombra, which had Pisco Peruvian liquor, cherry liquor, lime, ginger ale, and an orange slice. They offer a few other cocktails with Peruvian Pisco liquor as well.

I would rate Pisco 305 with 5/5 stars. It can be a fun date night spot, or just a different place to grab some good food to go. You will definitely not leave hungry. I am so glad to see a wider variety of global cuisine coming to Murfreesboro!

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