Ask Ellie: How do you safely live in MTSU's dorms during a pandemic?

Aug 24, 2021 at 10:00 am by Ask Ellie

Dear Ellie:

I am starting my Junior year at MTSU in a few days. My mom and dad think I need to live in the dorm because I need a college experience. I spent my first two years at Motlow. I don’t want to live in the dorm because of COVID. I don’t want to go to class because of COVID either. I don’t know why they won't just let me take my classes online and keep me out of danger. Help me talk to them.

Sincerely, COVID and Scared

Dear COVID and Scared: 

We are living in a time that people are more cautions about spreading germs than we have in the recent past. If you have chosen to be vaccinated, this is a good start to being prepared for college on a campus. You are not in a particular vulnerable group, unless you have an underlying illness. Take precautions and protect yourself, and try not to follow the herd mentality, but do what is best for you and your comfort level. Such as, wearing gloves and a mask to class. Shower daily with soap. Pick up your food in the cafeteria to go, and eat outside in the fresh air.

Why don't you try living in the dorm? But before you move in, clean it well, meet your roommate, and see how it goes. Also, if you can, bring a twin bed from home, don’t use a dorm provided mattress or bedding of any kind. Try this experience and try to make friends and create contacts.

If these suggestions are not what you need, sit down with your parents and explain your fears to them in detail. Do some research and go to them with what you feel to be a valid argument, and see where it goes. 

MTSU takes student and facility health seriously. Take your concerns to someone with good and reliable answers, such as the nurses at the Student Health Center. MTSU is prepared to answer your questions, and to assure your experiences at the university are safe and positive.

College can be an exciting, and terrifying time, even without COVID. For many, it will be their first adventure out of the nest.

Spread your wings and fly, little bird. You may surprise yourself.

Good luck to you, Ellie


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