What happened at Pepper+Peach?

Dec 03, 2020 at 11:02 am by Michelle Willard

The Peach Cobbler Factory - Urgent Announcement

I used to think the spot where Party Foul is on Broad Street was the most cursed restaurant location in town.

I was wrong. Now I know it's over by the mall.

Wait ... I just realized that both were once Santa Fe Roadhouses! Back in the late '90s, Santa Fe was in the spot on Broad and then it built a new location in the Home Depot parking lot. And both spots are cursed. My brain is now broken.

Back to Pepper+Peach.

The restaurant hadn't even been open long enough to generate the rumors that I've been hearing, but nevertheless, some of them might be true with it shuttering.

On Wednesday night, The Peach Cobbler Factory's Juan Edgerton announced Pepper+Peach's official closure through a Facebook post.


"Our sister company Pepper+Peach Hot Chicken in Murfreesboro has closed its doors permanently due to declining sales amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our heart goes out to our employees who were completely blindsided by this abrupt announcement," Edgerton said in the post.

The announcement came after employees staged a protest outside the Murfreesboro restaurant, demanding back wages and carrying signs that said "I just want my money. Period."

I don't blame them for raising a ruckus. I'd be mad too.

Edgerton said it's all just a misunderstanding, of course. They were totally going to get paid eventually.

"Many employees were not aware they would be paid late after this decision, most assumed they would not get paid at all. That is not the case. We have reached out to our staff to communicate when checks will be issued in the coming days to make sure they are paid in full," he said, then apologizing for the lack of communication.

He then took full responsibility and resigned.

"I will no longer have a day-to-day role in the business I founded. I will miss it, but the company needs new leadership at this time. It’s time to get back to basics...back to excellence. My drive & passion caused us to depart from our core values. I deeply regret that," Edgerton said.

The restaurants three other locations – in East Nashville, South Nashville and Smyrna – will remain open, as will its food truck.

City Cafe was saved

Back in November City Café announced that Saturday, Nov. 14 would be its last day serving home cooking on the Square. The 120-year-old business had a hard time managing the pandemic and owner Teresa Kellogg said via Facebook that the closure is unavoidable without a miracle.

That miracle came in the the form of neighbors.

Thanks to an outpouring of love and money, the City Cafe has been saved. Customers came from far and wide to save Murfreesboro's oldest restaurant.

Now they just have to keep coming back.

Saint Thomas, BlueCross Foundation vaccinated a bunch of people

As part of ongoing efforts to encourage more Tennesseans to get a flu shot this year, Ascension Saint Thomas and the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Foundation held Free Flu Shot Saturdays. The free, drive-thru flu shot clinics took place on Saturday, Nov. 7, at Ascension Medical Group Saint Thomas – Antioch Clinic and Saturday, Nov. 14, at Ascension Medical Group Saint Thomas – Saint Louise Oak Creek Clinic.

During the events, Ascension Saint Thomas staff administered 182 flu shots to community members, free of charge. With the overlap of COVID-19 and the flu season this year, BlueCross and Ascension are emphasizing that it’s more important than ever to get a flu shot.

For additional flu vaccine information and resources, visit BetterTennessee.com/flu.


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