Week in Ketron: Commissioner calls for mayor to step down as daughter pleads 'not guilty'

Nov 26, 2019 at 08:00 am by Michelle Willard

Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron

Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron has had a week and it's only Tuesday.

Not only did he appear in court with his daughter to lend her his fatherly support when she faced criminal charges in connection to her insurance "business," but a County Commissioner call for him to temporarily step aside.

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Commissioner (and constant thorn in Ketron's side) Robert Stevens penned a missive to Steering Committee Chairman Craig Harris beseeching the mayor to "take a temporary leave of absence from his position as mayor and as chairman of the Commission until these matters are resolved."

Stevens specifically cited "the news that Mayor Ketron's insurance agency was indicted on multiple felony charges, along with the ongoing state investigation of his campaign finance accounts" as reasons for the leave of absence request.

"With the dark cloud that has developed over our county government, this would be a reasonable first step to begin the process of restoring the confidence of our constituents and ensuring that the interests of Rutherford County's taxpayers are fully protected," Stevens wrote.

Stevens also asked that an item be added to next week's Steering Committee agenda to address the ongoing legal concerns of the mayor. I assume it's the lawsuits about his management of county employees that concerns Stevens in addition to the charges leveled against Ketron's family business.

"Seeking answers and promoting accountability are responsibilities we have as commissioners, and the public is rightfully outraged that this Commission has failed to take appropriate action. I hope that we will be able to put these matters to rest and restore the trust of our constituents quickly," Stevens wrote.

I won't hold my breath waiting for Harris to reply.

Meanwhile, Ketron and his resting smirk face were in attendance Monday morning as Kelsey Ketron entered a not guilty plea to the dozens of charges she is facing.

The case is being prosecuted by the Hamilton County DA's office and heard by Senior Judge Walter Kurtz, a retired Circuit Court judge from Nashville.

On Monday, Kelsey Ketron's attorney Trey Harwell issued a statement: “As previously stated, we will not try this case in the media but will instead vigorously defend Kelsey and the company in the judicial process. To be clear, as stated in court, Mayor Bill Ketron has not been charged or implicated in these indictments and was present only as a representative of the company and a father.”

Oh, we know he wasn't charged. But we wonder how he let things get so out of hand and what does that say about his leadership ability?

If you have any theories, let me know in the comments.


As an insurance broker, and former owner of my own brokerage, it was 100% MY responsibility to make sure all sales representatives were licensed. It was also 100% MY responsibility to make sure my errors and omissions insurance were current, in order to be able to market my clients to the best available insurers. If I had clients who were out of state, or carriers who were out of state, I had to be licensed in the state where my client resided because some states won't even allow you to say the word "insurance" without a license, and that is not an exaggeration. Kesley was not anywhere near the caliber of professional to own the title of "VP", or even "licensee". Mayor Ketron failed her. Big time.
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