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'Bridgey McBridgeface' day set for April Fools Day

On Sunday, April 1, 2018, (and for one day only) the Bridge over Broad will be named Bridgey McBridgeface.

Mayor Shane McFarland said he took the hint from the overwhelming public support for the humorous naming and issued the official "tongue in cheek" proclamation.

The name came about after the City of Murfreesboro asked citizens to share their suggestions for naming or re-naming the so-called “Bridge Over Broad” by participating in an online web survey that ended in February.

The name "Bridgey McBridgeface" gained popularity in part through a social media campaign initiated by Murfreesboro resident Jeanne Vest from a story by Michelle Willard of the Murfreesboro Voice after the City Council announced in December it was accepting nominations to name the bridge.

“The petition has always been about making people smile,” Vest said. “By acknowledging the thousands of ‘McBridgeface’ supporters with an honorary title, the mayor and the City Council have sent a message that they respect the voices of the people who love this city.”

Thanks to the petition, "Bridgey McBridgeface" garnered the most votes in the City survey with 775 total submissions out of a total of 150 unique names. The catchy name was supported by a petition drive organized by Vest on change.org. The campaign generated over 4,517 supporters.

The city's online survey was an opportunity for citizens to participate in creating a name for the bridge. The final decision for naming the bridge rests at the state level and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. So we know they will pick something boring.

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