Bizarre in the Boro: Woman comes home, finds strange man in home

Dec 09, 2017 at 10:30 pm by Michelle Willard

Intoxicated men had a big time this week.

In one case, a Murfreesboro woman came home to find an intoxicated stranger in her house. In another, an intoxicated man was seen walking down New Salem Highway with his pants around his ankles.

On Thursday night, Dec. 7, a local woman came home to find a man high on prescription drugs in her house.

The victim said her daughter's boyfriend had left the Murfreesboro home unlocked and when she got home a 43-year-old Antioch man, later identified as William L. McConaha, was in her home uninvited.

She said she was able to get him to leave without a fight, but he just went next door “and started to mess with cars in their driveway,” the report said.

Earlier in the evening McConaha reportedly stole a garden hose from one house and placed it in the backyard of another house.

McConaha was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

In an unrelated drunken incident, Murfreesboro Police arrested a homeless man who was seen “walking down New Salem Highway with his pants down around his ankles and stumbling,” according to an arrest report.

Police were called because of a possibly intoxicated person on New Salem. Officers found a man matching the description, later identified as Garrick W. Jefferies, 35, in the parking lot at a gas station on the corner of New Salem and Old Fort.

Jefferies appeared to be intoxicated, the report said. He was charged with public intoxication.

Did it really happen like he says it did?

A victim suddenly became uncooperative during questioning by Murfreesboro Police officers, according to an incident report.

MPD was called to Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital for a man who had been stabbed. The victim told police “he was ambushed by three black males, whom appeared to have been teenagers,” the report said.

The victim told police he was walking to his girlfriend's apartment near the grocery store at Lascassas Pike and North Rutherford Boulevard when a black male asked him for the time. When he took the Samsung phone from his pocket, “one of the subjects took (his) phone away from him,” the report said.

The victim said he tried to grab his phone back but was assaulted by the suspect. A second subject then jumped on his back and stabbed him.

He was able to escape the assault, fled to his girlfriend's apartment and she took him to the hospital, the victim said.

“Mr. Dickerson was uncooperative when he was asked clarifying questions and to expound on specific details of the incidents. He would not give his girlfriend's name or address, stating she had nothing to do with the incident,” the report said. The victim even said he didn't know the number of the stolen phone.

The victim stopped cooperating at that point and refused to sign the incident report.

The right to steal arms

On Saturday morning, Dec. 2, an employee at Murfreesboro Outdoor Gunshop reported more than 50 weapons had been stolen overnight from the store.

The stolen guns ranged from muzzle-loading pistols to semi-automatic rifles.

MPD detectives are investigating the theft.

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