Check Out Smyrna's The Tasting Room for a taste of elegance

Sep 01, 2021 at 10:00 am by ShellyReed7

The Tasting Room in Smyrna, Tenn.

Hi—my name is Shelly Reed, and I have been living in Murfreesboro for about five years now. I am originally a transplant from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and somewhat of a self-proclaimed food and drink aficionado. I love to cook almost as much as I love to eat, and I have a deep appreciation for the history and culture of the cuisine in the South, as well as the Midwest! Whenever I get ready to go on a trip anywhere, I always do a lot of research beforehand and look up places to stop for some good eats—as well as some unique local foods to try there as well.

I love checking out local restaurants in Rutherford County, and especially supporting them during these difficult times. I would love to share my foodie adventures and reviews with you, and hopefully help out some local businesses as well.

Tasting The Tasting Room

I checked out the Tasting Room in Smyrna over the weekend with my husband (it’s located in the old Omni Hut on Lowry Street). It was a unique and delicious fine dining experience.

They allow you to sample tastings of all of their food on small plates (tapas) and drinks. Or you can order the full size of the food portion if you are so inclined. It’s perfect for the indecisive folks like myself who want to try a little bit of everything. If you stick to just tastings, you can still get full pretty quick and simultaneously sample a large part of the menu.

They also have an extensive wine list — and you can try 2-, 4-, or 6-ounce pours or a bottle of their wines. It's safe to say they have something for every taste.

The atmosphere inside is nice and intimate — low lighting, limited seating in the dining area, and soft music, to where you can still converse and actually hear one another — perfect for a date night. The lounge area is a nice, chill vibe also — complete with a bar and couches for hanging out, and lively, colorful artwork on the walls. A reservation is highly encouraged for the dining area due to the limited seating, but walk ins can also be accommodated in the lounge for a more casual experience.

Now for the best part: I had the soup of the day (beef vegetable stew — it was so flavorful and tasty!) for an appetizer, the lamb and Asiago mashed potatoes tasting portion entrée, herb duck and creamed spinach tasting portion entrée (loved the lamb and the creamed spinach was delightful), and my husband had the pork with creamed corn tasting portion entrée and tilapia with honey bourbon carrots tasting portion entrée.

For dessert, we each had the "three desserts of your choosing" tasting portion of crème brûlée, citrus cheesecake, and bread pudding. We also each had a 4-ounce pour of Malbec wine. Our waiter explained everything well and was very knowledgeable about the menu.

It was a great experience overall, and we definitely will return.

Out of 5 stars, I would rate it a 5/5. Definitely check out this gem in Smyrna if you are looking for something new and different to try.

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