Christian Conduct Concerning Christ Jesus at Christmas!

Dec 25, 2019 at 08:07 am by sonyamcclloughlockridge

The matrix of The One And Only Jesus appears to be a sequel of sorts, separated by four hundred years of silence. Crafted by the Spirit of God created and produced by Almighty God, staring the Face of the Deep in which darkness was upon! This apparent sequel of our dead, buried and risen savior is actually an Extended Trilogy in which the misrepresented sequel is actually played out in a four part fashion:

We simply must cease and desist misrepresenting the appointed authority of Jesus Christ and this Christmas is the absolute best time to serve warrant against the overall Christian Conduct Concerning Christ Jesus The One And Only Son of the all-knowing, all wise, God of Abraham, Jacob and Issac.

This Christmas we don’t need more stuff, we need the love of Christ Jesus to rest, rule and rein in our hearts as if HE the King of Kings and Lord of Lords was on his way back from a parking lot pick up at the all power store of God Almighty! And while there the creator of all things deployed, packed and armored Him (this same Jesus) with full throttle final everlasting authority over everything, which includes Christmas and the man placed in charge of a certain large manor painted white on Pennsylvania Ave in America. 

Every knee will for sure bow, every tongue will confess to the only one who traded His donkey for a horse, be not dismayed at HIS coming for we have been kindly warned. 

The cradle rocks not, the cross is bare. Our sin nature laid darkness upon the face of the deep for three days! But know this ... even still know this ... the tomb that held our savior is empty, so please go tell all the Peters that love lives in the person of Jesus Christ and when it does it walks around a changed life. 

For, the secret is out, Christ in you and me is the HOPE of Glory! Glory has hope this end of a decade Christmas and it’s padded, paraded and packed in the person of you and me not wanting more and more stuff, but in hearing and heeding all the words of the prophecy of Christ Jesus, an Advent not yet fulfilled but first promised to the called out ones, better known as the CHURCH!


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