Last Minute Christmas Needs - Come to The Murfreesboro Square

Dec 20, 2021 at 08:00 am by Cynthialynn Jones

Celebrate Christmas Downtown

With Christmas one week away, many are hitting the shops for last-minute Christmas presents. While I have never been a last-minute shopper, many do wait and brave the hoards of shoppers so close to Christmas.

While it may just be too late to order online, and with all the wonderful shops in Murfreesboro, why would one wish to do so? How about heading on down to the Murfreesboro Square where you will find not only holiday staples, but also beautiful and unique treasures for your entire Christmas list. Additionally, many of these shops have specialized staff that can assist you with your shopping and wrap your presents as well. This is the easiest way to fill your SUV with treasures to place under your Christmas tree.

On our very own lovely Murfreesboro Square, there are so many shops to assist you with shopping for big presents and stocking stuffers for your entire family. Stop in at The Marketplace for that bench your Mum has always wanted. Swing by Bella’s Boutique or Trendy Pieces for beautiful clothing styles for women with extraordinary accessories, leather bags and shoes. If you are someone who really doesn’t know what to do in a woman’s shoppe, just smile your beautiful smile, walk on in, tell one of the clerks who you are shopping for, her favorite color, and they will assist you with many options. They also gift wrap to make your shopping experience a pleasure.

Veda’s on the Square is the place to go for all your fresh gift basket, fresh flowers, and stocking stuffers. A walk through Veda’s is a Christmas pleasure tradition. Talk to one of the clerk’s and tell them who you are shopping for and what they enjoy, and if you don’t know, they will make suggestions. You are assured to leave with something everyone will relish.

For the vintage and antique lover on your list (myself included), one must visit Barbara at Fun-Tiques. Barbara’s shop is filled with newly acquired, beautiful and perfect items for sale from another era. Prices are sweet, and the shop is filled with someone for every one on your list, including yourself and me.

If you get hungry for breakfast, my go to is City Café. Sit on down and enjoy a hot breakfast and coffee to fuel your spirit to charge through to lunch. The when hunger hits and it is lunch or dinner time, a visit to The Alley on Main is a must. This place is the best refueling place in Murfreesboro with everything to make the belly and mind happy, and your spirits rise.

A trip to the Murfreesboro Square MUST include a trip to Holden Hardware. While a hardware store may not be what you think of as a holiday adventure, it truly is. Raleigh at Holden’s Hardware has everything for the homeowner who likes to do it themselves, and break it themselves (like me). They can supply everything you need for winter from heaters, sleighs, mittens and gloves, hats, overall’s, flashlights, knives, sunglasses, and every nut and bolt in-between. Raleigh Holden and his team also know their stuff. I can’t tell you how many times (many, many times) I have walked in with a whatchamacallit or a broken thingamajig, and they knew what to do. Also, if you need a soda pop and an ice cream while strolling the red brick of the square, come on in, that old Cola machine really works.

While there is parking on the square, there are also two parking garages, one near the courthouse, and one under the Linebaugh library, and parking is free.

The Murfreesboro Square is your one-stop shopping experience for your entire list, and many “refueling stations” (restaurants) to get your gitty-up going for your last minute Christmas adventures. So, come on down to Murfreesboro where every day is a pleasure.

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