3 perfect Murfreesboro seasonal outings to spark your holiday spirit

Dec 19, 2019 at 08:00 am by Stephanie Barrette

With the holiday pressures of presents, cooking, and parties-galore, it's easy to get weighed down by this time of year and to feed our inner-Grinch. Absent are the softly falling snow and easy-afternoons of baking depicted on the Hallmark Channel. Here to stay are anxieties about making bills and visiting family. It's easy to fail to get swept up in the holiday spirit. 

Murfreesboro, however, has a lot of low-pressure, low-cost seasonal activities that many miss out on and would seriously enjoy. Staying at home to decorate the Christmas tree and string up lights is all well and good, but there's an extra something special that comes from the feel of cold-kissed cheeks or a special moment shared with the community to get spirits soaring.

Struggling to feel the Christmas? Read on for the perfect Murfreesboro outing that will inspire smiles and caroling from the rooftops whether with a date, with family or with friends.  

1. Winterfest at the Fountains

The 'Boro hides many hidden gems: one of them is the Fountains. Located in the center of several of the city's medical buildings, it's got everything: walking paths, outdoor art, free little libraries, restaurants, and a gym.

During the winter, it also has a beautifully lit outdoor skating rink as a part of the annual Winterfest. The event features ice skating and different themed nights from College Night to skating with the MTSU hockey team.

Admission, whether you bring your own skates or rent, is $15 for 13+ year-olds, $12 for 4-12 year-olds, and free for 3 and under. It's closed Christmas Day and runs Wed-Thurs 4-8pm, Fri 4-10pm, Sat 12-10pm, and Sun 12-8pm until January 20. And, even without skating skills, enjoy the plethora of pathways crisscrossing the lawn around the fountains for a nice winter stroll.

If there's inclement weather, check out the website for more information.

2. Warm Up at Just Love Coffee

After getting your skate on Nashville-Predators style, warm up with a comforting holiday drink at the Just Love Coffee Fountains location that's right beside the rink.

The café's mission, to be a "for-profit venture dedicated to giving away a portion of its profits [to charity]" makes that Christmas cup of tea or java that much sweeter since it supports a good cause. In its first year alone, the company gave back "just under $100,000," which showed "that a socially-minded enterprise could work." For more information on the brand's story, visit the website

Just Love Coffee currently features Three seasonal drinks: the snow globe, the hot apple cider, and the frosted mint mocha. The snow globe is a drip coffee with vanilla syrup, heavy cream, and a pumpkin maple float topped with cinnamon. The hot apple cider is classic and full of flavor. The frosted mint mocha is a coffee made with chocolate syrup and a candy cane topping. 

3. Neighborhood Light Displays

Now refreshed by the outdoors and cozied up by a warm drink, there's nothing better than a twinkling light show to top of the day. Crank up the carols on the car radio and roll slowly around the neighborhood to admire everyone's unique decorating skills. Below is a list of the most popular and well-lit neighborhoods and homes. 

  • 3016 Richardson Road
  • 4598 Barfield Crescent Road
  • Painted Pony Drive
  • Sunset Avenue
  • Kingdom Ridge subdivision (off Franklin Road)
  • Savannah Ridge subdivision (off South Church Street)
  • Charleston South subdivision (Jenkins Drive)
  • Hillwood subdivision (off Franklin Road)

Missing the spirit this holiday season? Plan an upcoming day soon to enjoy this perfect seasonal outing with loved ones. 

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