Opinion: Injustices to the mental health of the Transgender Community

Jun 20, 2019 at 07:00 am by JBrady

Remember back in the day? Ahhh, the '80s and early '90s...

The hippies, the war protester/activist era had all but faded away. Long hair, tattoos and piercings on men were slowly becoming more acceptable to society. Even business men and woman started to take on the body ink without much thought.

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The clothing of the '70s had mostly become a thing of the past. With a booming economy and not much left to protest, American teens and young adults started new trends. Mohawks - brightly colored, piercings galore, funky loud clothes, dark clothing with blackened hair and nails, bouffant hair and so much more!

They were the pioneers of a new age. Gratification came in "shocking all" of normal society. Although we weren't so quick to accept the changes, many of us hoped it would just fade away. But we learned to grow and accept it as an evolution of society. As most trends or fads come and go, it seemed that the '80s were going to hang out for the entire decade.

Teens and young adults were empowered by being different and making others squirm! In the '90s, the rise of technology like cellular phones, home gaming systems and computers opened the door for a new era. The technology created by grown and educated adults were paving a new road for the new era. Occupied by the new technologies of the 1990s and newest millennium, teens and young adults latched on! Gaming, hacking, chatting, text messaging, dating, etc., with electronic devices was huge and growing by the second. 

Fast forwarding to today, teens and young adults have reinvented themselves by "shocking all" in the new found transgender role. The boredom of electronics and lack of instant gratification begins. Most of today's parents either having lived or grown up in the '70s & '80s, brought a less shocked outlook to newer progressive behaviors in their children.

That was until "Transgender" became a thing. Transgender has become the new Mohawk – brightly colored, the new-wave/gothic persona that freaked many of us out. While good parents are clamoring to find help for their children's dysfunctionality of transgenderism, the media has all but influenced society that this is perfectly normal behavior.

In May 2019 The World Health Organization, under pressure from the liberal media's influences removed "Gender Nonconformity" from the classification as a mental disorder. As the progressives celebrated their victory, young children and teens begin to fall between the cracks.

Since the World Health Organization's depraved decision to discount young children and teens mental issues and woes of societal pressures, teen suicide is on the rise. Parents are being told by psychologists that this is now normal behavior. Having the desire to be something you are not isn't the issue. We were hopefully told as children by our parents or at least one good mentor that "we can be anything we want to be when we grow up!"

However, most of us are certain that removing body parts, adding fake organs or features and calling yourself something other than what you were born as was not in the cards. We may not be able go as far to say that all experimenting "transgender" children or teens are mentally ill, we can assume that a desire to remove genitalia, breast implants for boys, adding genitalia to girls, etc., is definitely and by all meanings or definitions of the words a "Mental Illness" that requires some form of treatment or intervention.

As a parent struggling to understand and watching my significant other also struggle to provide guidance and assistance to her teen that has transgender tendencies, there is no avail. The liberal society has disregarded our children's mental health.

The World Health Organization does not care about our children's mental condition or future ability to become productive in society. They have been tossed out like the trash on garbage day. Transgenderism has become the product of the longstanding mental illnesses of the liberal thought process where you can be "ANYTHING" you want. It doesn't have to be real, you can just make it up and call it what you want to call it.

It doesn't matter how extreme or unrealistic it is. No matter how many body parts you add or take away, you are still a human male or female. But this doesn't stop liberals or liberal organizations from trying to tell us or our children otherwise.

As the teenagers and young adult population suffers from gender euphoria while attempting or successfully committing suicide at alarming rates, liberals celebrate victories in the name of equality.

Let's get one thing straight; We have allowed society to twist our children's minds so badly that they don't even know what they are. We should be disgusted with ourselves for not standing up and fighting harder than ever to save our children. I ask the question: Who the hell is The World Health Organization to tell us that this is normal behavior for our children?

With all of the things we could be doing to help stop the madness and appropriately help our children, we are in another predicament while our children suffer the consequences for the lack of actions. As parents, we not only have the absolute right to decide what is normal for our children, we have a responsibility.

Your rights as parents are being infringed upon more and more every day and it has to stop! When will America wake up and fight for their rights?

Written by Jeff Brady TN, USA


Would like to see your credentials in the areas of Medicine and Psychology that support your expert knowledge, J Brady
To: DThus - It's an opinion piece. You are welcome to post an opposing opinion.
Brady, It sounds as if you are struggling with a family member who has expressed questions their gender. From your tone, you seem resolutely opposed to this point of view. I don’t know if I can sway your position about this, but there are two things I implore you to observe in my letter to you: first, that I feel you are misinformed about many aspects of gender-non conforming experience, particularly for children and their parents. More importantly: please reach out to the medical and support community around you, who will open their arms in trying to support you and help you navigate what IS a difficult challenge in your life and your loved one’s life. If you want this person to remain a part of your world, your careful consideration is absolutely essential. First, regarding the World Health Organization (WHO). That organization did change its classification of a condition called “gender dysphoria.” Transgender is an adjective that may be used to describe a person who is experiencing gender dysphoria, whether they seek treatment or not. There’s really no such thing as “transgenderism.” It is neither a condition by itself, not an ideology. Gender dysphoria is a condition in which the individual feels a profound sense of uncomfortableness with their appearance, how they interact with the world, and what expectations are placed upon them. The way this looks, besides the person saying they feel more like the opposite sex can be a whole host of unfortunate problems: depression, self-destructive behavior, and suicide are the most common behavioral symptoms, and they often become more extreme as time goes by without treatment. I need to tell you that WHO changed its classification only AFTER virtually every medical board in the world changed their classification first. In particular, the American “book,” that describes mental conditions— the one every mental health professional in the country uses, as well as many around the world taking their cue from the U.S.— the Diagnostic Statistics Manual, Volume 5... changed its classification in 2012 or 2013. WHO does not dictate diagnosis policy in the U.S., the DSM-5 doesn’t either, but it represents the best knowledge the mental health community has collected, debated, and published. I am very sorry that you have clearly read some of the most disturbing tall tales about transition, which is only one of several possible treatments for gender dysphoria. I would be alarmed too, if I read those accounts without a reality check. First up: no reputable organization would ever try to contest a parents’ rights to make decisions for their child. This is the very basic element of parental rights, and any authority in the land will uphold that. If a child expresses feelings of gender dysphoria, there is no hurry. Don’t worry. One only has to respond as quickly as one wishes to relieve the suffering of the child. The response should be to speak with a licensed therapist who specializes in gender dysphoria. They will tell a parent exactly how they would try to verify the child’s condition, in a lot more detail than I can supply. If the therapist may say the child isn’t exactly showing signs of dysphoria, they may provide things to look for in the future. Or they may suggest there are indications of dysphoria and suggest next steps. The next steps would be made with the parents, a physician and the therapist from step one. For many children, puberty blocking medications are prescribed so that the dysphoria can be explored more carefully, over time without bringing on the (often traumatic) effects of puberty. At this point the child and parents can attempt limited experiments with gender presentation. This process does not necessarily lead to transition. There are plenty of youths who decide they do not feel gender non-confirming, or that they would not want to make changes. There is absolutely no “need” to rush into any kind of surgery. Puberty blockers will make things like the rumored “double mastectomies” unnecessary, and most physicians will talk honestly and openly about any sort of expectations a parent can have. There are difficult choices to be made but a parent would be so much better off making them with their child and the medical professionals one would build relationships. Now, the biggest caution I can give you: a parent only really has until a child’s 18th birthday to be a part of this decision making process. ‘Cause (and I think you know this) kids’ll rum away if their needs are not being met. And they are most likely to end up on the streets. Their unacknowledged dysphoria probably ruined their time in the classroom, so there’s that. Or they’ve been bullied so hard, rejected by their loved ones to the point, they try suicide as a way to stop their pain. I know you don’t want this for your child. I know you don’t want them to leave your life in the next few years and never look back. But something like this will happen if you don’t pay attention right now, and build the bridges to keep a family together. An easy first step might be to contact a local chapter of P-FLAG, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (and gender non-conforming people). This organization is meant entirely for parents who are having trouble with all this. The members have been there before, will share their stories, and give you advice of where to find even more help. So, Brady, I’m sorry this is so long. Please ask any questions and I’ll try to answer them. A dialogue is better than just thinking we have all the answers, right? All the Best, Zoe
you ask who The World Health Organization is to tell us what us normal and I ask who the hell do you think you are to tell us what is normal. This is a horrible article and I can not believe it was published. You are messing with people’s lives here.
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