Letter to the Editor: Depend on Deanna

Oct 24, 2018 at 07:00 am by Voice Wire

Elections 2018

To the Editor:

Deanna Osborne, candidate for District 37 State Representative. is a person with the history of a survivor. She is a widow who has raised her four children as a single parent since the death of her husband 10 years ago. She knows the struggles of the everyday person and wants to become their voice.

She has taught in public schools for 20 years, but she has fought all her life. As a teacher of English as a second language, Deanna has most recently taught inner-city immigrant children. She knows the struggles they face and has a record of giving her all for her students, as well as for her family and friends. Deanna is a vigorous fighter and defender of the causes she feels are important: the plight of everyday men, women, and children caught in our country’s recent economic and political whirlwinds.

Deanna grew up in a family business, so she understands the requirements of balancing budgets and being responsible for the welfare of others. She has a sturdy work ethic and knows personal sacrifice. She is a model of resilience, and fortitude.

Her opponent, Charles Baum, on the other hand, attended the best schools, and became a professor at a young age. He is an expert on economic matters and is known to vigorously protect the bottom line. As a member of the Rutherford County Commission, he has only rarely been known to vote for budgetary increases. So, he has a near perfect record of fiscal restraint...and little else.

Deanna has an “in-the-trenches" mentality, and the worldly experience it takes to lead the 37th District in this time of rapidly changing demographics, and meteoric development.

I ask for your vote for Deanna Osborne.

Jim Gifford 
Nashville 37210



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