Lunch & Local: From the Greek Cafe to Murfree Spring Wetlands

Greek food on a rainy Friday in Murfreesboro.
We visited the Greek Cafe located near Kroger at corner of Cason Lane and Old Fort Parkway.
Yasser Girgis, owner, is alway friendly.
My colleague Michelle has a gyro and salad.
I have my usual, chicken schwarma with rice, tabouli, naan and a little hot sauce. I can tell by the looks that this "southernization" if probably bad form.
After lunch, we head to the Wetlands at Murfree Spring. The first thing we see is the Discovery Center, a wonderful museum facility for educating children on science, nature, etc. Highly recommended for families with young children.
The old water treatment plant at Murfree Spring.
The spring rises up from beneath these rocks.
WGNS radio tower in the distance.
WGNS tell me the wet basin helps with signal transmission.
Here there be dragons.
A point of interest, the water leaving the wetlands goes underground underneath the McDonalds at corner of Church St and Broad before coming back up near Cannonsburgh.
WGNS equipment building at base of the tower.
This can make you dizzy.
WGNS plaque with picture of Bart Walker interviewing Dick Clark in 1971 along with pictures of a young John Hood as a young reporter.
Eerily tranquil.