Bring the best memories of childhood to your wedding with stylish swings

Feb 14, 2018 at 10:00 am by Weddings&Event by Raina


Spring wedding season is just around the corner and the wedding trends are bigger than ever before.

One of our absolute favorites are stylish swings.

It’s just the kind of wedding decoration that would please your guests both young and old when they need a break, and also a romantic way for newly-wed couples taking some sweet photos. 

It's so dreamy and romantic invoking memories of sweet summer days and the innocence of childhood.

This carefree wedding prop, when adorned with the sweetest florals will swing itself right into the hearts of all assembled to celebrate your day. 

Just picture it.

Before the days of iPads and Pokemon GO, tree swings and warm afternoon breezes were one of the best memories of childhood summers.

The quintessential symbol of carefree and happy.

Incorporated a handmade rope swing with gorgeous vines and flowers as a photo focal point for your guests.

We especially love when brides opt to add additional features such as vintage lanterns, clusters of bougainvillea, or even hanging moss for a sultry southern feel.