Reasons for Seasons

Sep 06, 2022 at 11:08 am by cghattas

I’m a huge fan of fall in Middle Tennessee. No, not for the football or pumpkin spice, but for the changes brought on through God’s design—cooler temperatures and changing leaves. There is no more beautiful street in the autumn months than East Main in Murfreesboro, as the majestic oaks, maples, and tulip poplars all burst into color accented by smaller dogwoods and crepe myrtles, though not to be outdone by the burning bushes that mark many lawns along the way. You can spend hours driving to the mountains or northeast for glimpses of fall colors, but we are blessed with a view of glory that’s within walking distance.

Take a walk down East Main this fall.

Put away your phone, breathe in the fresh air, and get some exercise by strolling down my favorite street. A friend, who lives in Egypt, visited me last year. She lives 365 days a year in a sandy-brown environment. I drove her to Central Magnet’s parking lot where she gasped in seeing all the trees full of color. As a school principal, she wanted to have some pictures of the leaves for her students, so I helped her gather them into piles so I could then take pictures of her throwing them in the air.

Don’t take seasons for granted.

Middle Tennesseans are blessed by being able to experience all four seasons. Though ours may be more temperate or shorter or longer than others, they are present, and we can only step back in wonder at the changes they bring. If you spend your days inside or in front of a screen, don’t let the changing of the seasons pass you by. Don’t take for granted what we have to enjoy and learn from.

God teaches us through changing seasons.

Since we’re entering the autumn of the year, what lessons we can learn from this change in nature’s calendar?

  • Fall is a reminder that change is inevitable in life. Nothing stays the same forever. We cannot avoid change.
  • There is beauty even as life draws to an end. As leaves burst into color, they show us that even our final days on earth can be full of purpose and give God glory. The activity and lushness of the “green” years do not out way those of the latter years, even as activity slows.
  • One leaf falls so another can grow. The natural order of life is to give up our place for another. When a leaf hangs too long on the branch, it withers, but when it allows the season to bring it to an end, it bursts into color and goes out with a bang!
  • Death is part of life. No one lives forever, and even in a season of change that death brings, there is joy and hope when we know the One who holds eternity in his hands.
  • Fall returns every year. Though we know winter will have her way, the beauty of seasonal change is that it’s seasonal. Spring overcomes winter, spring gives way to summer, and fall comes yet again.

What have you learned from the season of fall? Where is your favorite spot in the ‘Boro to enjoy the changing leaves? Do you have a favorite tree or bush that just leaves you breathless in the fall?

Enjoy the cooler weather (whenever it decides to arrive), walk around, and take in the beautiful fall we’ve been gifted.

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