Juvenile in Custody for Auto Burglaries and Stolen Car

Jun 30, 2022 at 09:00 am by Voice Wire

A juvenile faces four felony charges after breaking into cars and stealing a car Tuesday along Almaville Road near Lifepoint Church. The juvenile from Jacksonville, Florida was charged with two counts of theft and two counts of auto burglary.  Patrol officers responding to reports of the crimes were able to recover the stolen car, gather, and pass critical information to detectives.  Through further investigation, detectives were able to develop a suspect in both the stolen vehicle and the auto burglaries. On Tuesday, June 28th, Smyrna Police Department CID, patrol, and SWAT, served a search warrant at the suspect’s home.   Property from the auto burglaries was recovered there and the juvenile was arrested the same day.

If anyone has information regarding any additional burglaries in this area, please contact Detective Allan Nabours with the Smyrna Police Department at (615) 267-5434 or allan.nabours@townofsmyrna.org.

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