Bait and Switch: Will the Democrats replace Kamala Harris?

Dec 06, 2021 at 01:00 pm by clervin

A cartoon of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

President Biden has officially announced he will run for re-election in 2024, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The announcement’s purpose was undoubtedly to squash rumors about not running to quiet Washington gossip.

I’ve suspected since before Biden’s election the intent was to replace him, during his first term, with Harris - a left-wing radical who stood zero chance of defeating Donald Trump. Biden was the safest choice and deemed (correctly) the most capable of beating Trump. The problem is: if Biden has underwhelmed as president, his second-in-command has managed to fall even shorter of expectations. The latest polls show the American people viewing Vice President Kamala Harris less favorably than Biden, which is no small feat. It’s so bad now even Democrats have a hard time envisioning Harris getting closer to the presidency than the 85 minutes she spent in charge when Biden was undergoing a medical procedure.  

The rumor being whispered currently in Washington concerns VP Harris belong forced out and replaced sooner rather than later. Who would replace Harris though? Rumored replacements include media darling Pete Buttigieg, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, even Amy Klobuchar, rumored to be Biden’s original choice, but whose cache in progressive circles didn’t match that of Harris. So behind the scenes, the Democrat power brokers are plotting a succession acceptable to them. It begins with the premise that Harris must go before Biden does.

Here’s why: the 25th Amendment mandates the House as well as the Senate have to confirm a replacement VP. The Republicans are likely to take the House and Senate in 2022, and the Dems know it. So any individual capable of passing muster after the next Congress is seated looks very different from whoever could be confirmed today.

I repeat, all this is speculation thus far, but we’re living in strange times. Old Uncle Joe was sold to the American voter as a safe alternative to Donald Trump while not going completely socialist with Bernie or Elizabeth Warren. I suspected from the outset and with rumored in-fighting in their camps, her role in the bait-and-switch scheme looks to be cut, but what understudy will be cast in her place?

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