La Vergne celebrate 50th anniversary

Dec 02, 2021 at 10:00 am by Voice Wire

La Vergne Tennessee

To celebrate the City of La Vergne’s 50th anniversary of incorporation, 2022 will play host to a variety of events and commemorative giveaways. The City’s actual date of incorporation is Feb. 1, 1972.

There will be regular postings to the La Vergne's official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to keep citizens informed about the planned events and giveaways. Additional information regarding each event and giveaway will be released throughout the year.

To kick things off, there will be a special commemorative calendar available for pickup at City Hall beginning in mid-December. Supplies are limited.

There will be a special Incorporation Reception on February 1 to celebrate the actual date of incorporation for the city. There will be refreshments and several speakers in the boardroom at City Hall before the monthly Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.

In March, the Parks Department is hosting a special Anniversary Fun Run 5K. Those who wish to participate in the 5K along the Hurricane Creek Greenway will also receive a 50th-anniversary participation medal.

In April, citizens will be able to stop by City Hall and pick up a special challenge coin to mark the 50th anniversary. Supplies are limited.

In conjunction with the Block Party in May, there will be a cornhole tournament with a special anniversary prize for the winning team.

In June, the City will be hosting an Anniversary Picnic at Veterans Memorial Park.  The event will include activities the whole family will enjoy. 

A commemorative keychain will be available for pickup by citizens during the month of July. Supplies are limited.

In August, local elected officials and dignitaries will be invited to the burial of a new time capsule somewhere in the City, that staff plans to unearth again during the City’s 100th anniversary.

The 2022 Old Timers Festival, scheduled for September 17, will also honor the 50th anniversary, encouraging parade participants to create and design floats that honor La Vergne’s past.

There will be an anniversary Dancing in the Park during the first week of October with a live band and food trucks at Veterans Memorial Park.

Throughout the year, citizens and city staff will be able to submit recipes that will be considered for the November La Vergne Community Cookbook. This will be as a digital download only.

Finally, the first weekend of December will be the annual Parade of Lights and Winter Festival. This year, there will be a special giveaway – a 2022 50th anniversary ornament! Supplies are limited.

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