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Dear Ellie

I have a tight circle of friends, just about six women I have known for some time, college, children, careers, marriage, divorces, deaths, etc., and we are all teachers in Rutherford County and Murfreesboro City Schools.  Anyway, over the last election, and then through COVID rather than growing closer and being supported, we have broken into two groups that fight about everything, and I mean everything.  It has become so bad that I cannot have one group and another group together at the same time.  Also, they have become aggressive to one another.  What to do?

Frustrated Teacher in Murfreesboro


Dear Frustrated

Nothing comes between people faster than religion, politics, and money.  It saddens me tremendously that this is occurring in your circle, and aggressively.  However, at some point people do grow/shrink away from one another, usually over time, and not over just one circumstance.

Unfortunately, your good humor is at stake and you may need to take a stand rather than being entangled separating adults.  If they cant get along, then they cannot come together as a group.  If they cant be kind and respectful, then they will not receive invitations.  You should never have to steer your life around the temperaments of others.  Either get along or go home.



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