What did Lisa Moore's resignation letter say?

Oct 01, 2021 at 01:35 pm by Michelle Willard

Lisa Moore addresses the Rutherford County School Board on Sept. 30, 2021. (Screenshot from YouTube)

In all, it took less than a minute for Lisa Moore to resign the seat that she has held for seven years.

Moore, one of the more controversial members of the Rutherford County School Board, tendered her resignation at the school board meeting, held Sept. 30. She represented Zone 3, which covers the Barfield, Christiana and Kittrell communities.

What happened?

After a discussion that included the pending civil rights lawsuits in Knox, Shelby and Williamson counties about the parental opt-out in mask mandates, Moore verbally tendered her 30-day notice and handed in a resignation letter.

Claire Maxwell has explained to the board that judges in the three lawsuits had ruled against the governor's parental opt-out. The executive order expires Oct. 5, but she said she expects him to renew it and challenge the rulings through the Attorney General.

They also discussed broadcasting meetings of the schools board's policy committee. The committee includes board members and different representatives from the community to draft policies that can then be presented to the full board for final approval.

"I am announcing this evening that effective 30 days from now pursuant to policy 1.102, I will be resigning from the Rutherford County School Board," she said before thanking the community and her constituents from their support and handing in a letter of resignation.

Board Chairwoman Tiffany Johnson said a simple "Thank you." 

You can watch it below:

What did Lisa Moore's resignation letter say?

Unfortunately, Moore's resignation letter doesn't shed any light on the motivations behind her resignation.

Here's the full text.

"It is with a heavy heart that tonight, the 30th day of September 2021 that I announce and submit my resignation from my elected position as the Zone 3 School Board Representative on the Rutherford County Board of Education. 

"In keeping with our Board Policy 1.102, I am giving a 30-day notice, and providing this in writing to the Chairman of the Board. This will make my last day in this position, October 31st, 2021."


Lisa Moore (Signed)

See it for yourself here (PDF).

How is the empty seat filled?

Rutherford County Elections Administrator Alan Farley explained it this way:

"The county commission will appoint a replacement to serve until the next county general election, which will be Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022. The person elected will then take that seat on the school board and serve the remaining two years in that term. The county has a procedure that will put in place to accept applicants that the Mayor's office may be able to explain. We are not in that process."

So look for announcements about opening the application process.


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