Middle Tennessee set to receive 300 refugees from Afghanistan

Sep 16, 2021 at 09:00 am by Cynthialynn Jones

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."
- A portion of the poem by Emma Lazarus on the base of The Statue of Liberty.

An estimated 300 Afghanistan Refugees will be coming to Middle Tennessee this week following the U.S. military pull-out of Afghanistan, Catholic Charities of Nashville, and the American Muslin Advisory Council For Middle Tennessee confirmed. The remaining refugees who have arrived in the United States are being housed at several military bases, with destinations undetermined at this time. The military and support groups are working with Catholic Charities and local mosques for support.

While I am in full agreement we need to halt illegal immigration and protect our boarders, the Afghanistan situation is unique in that these are people seeking political protection, fleeing a terrorist regime, religious fevers, risk of persecution, and a high probability of death.

While my family had to apply to come to this county, they were not fleeing. And while they were not readily accepted, through education and environment this was resolved over time. I feel through education and time, we as Tennesseans can welcome these fleeing people and welcome them into our community, with the guarantee they have been properly vetted and not of an ilk that will promote terror, become welfare recipients, live on the government dole, but be healthy, hardworking future Americans.

Regardless of personal opinion, community and American opinion is supporting refugees, and therefore we must stand as Americans and support any and all who flee from political and religious persecution, this is what our county was founded upon. 

This is who we are.

Call your local church and/or mosque and ask what you can do to assist these families.



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