9/11 Heroes Run exceeds expectations

Sep 13, 2021 at 10:00 am by Cynthialynn Jones

9/11 Heroes Run, held Sept. 11, 2021, in Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro once again exceeded expectations with the largest turn out for a new event the 9/11 Heroes Run benefiting the Travis Manion Foundation. 

According to the race directors, more than 625 participants, more than any other TMF inaugural event, signed up to run on the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11.  Rutherford County was waving her true colors as more than 1,000 people filled Murfreesboro's Civic Plaza honoring the fallen, and supporting the race participants.  Mayor Shawn McFarland stated he has never seen Civil Plaza so full.

Three honor guards, bugles, bagpipes, DJ, fire engine and ambulance brought participants together as those who died were honored, and those who ran  into burning building with no thought for their own safety gave all,  were remembered.  County Mayor Bill Ketron applauded Rutherford County and reminded us That in GOD we Trust, and myself with great humility reminded a new generation to pray for family, educate all about the disaster, support all troops, and say the names of the 2,997 men, women, and children died and to remember them.

Many ran caring flags, children, and some ran with their family and dogs. Others ran with full ruck sacks weighted down to show what those in service do daily as they protect us all from tyranny.

From Ryan Manion, President, TMF:

Twenty years ago on September 11, 2001, as history unfolded before us, thousands of first responders answered their “If Not Me, Then Who…” moment. When others were running from the chaos in New York City, they were running toward it.

In the two decades that followed, we have seen a generation of heroes echo that same courage and bravery - servicemen and women who have willingly stepped up to serve in wars far from friends and family. As a result, tens of thousands suffered visible and invisible wounds while thousands of others paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Today, as our nation continues to face unprecedented challenges, and our veterans experience a myriad of emotions related to recent news out of Afghanistan, we want to show them that their service and their sacrifice mattered then and it still matters today.

In honor of this 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001, we ask that you support TMF programs that empower our nation’s heroes with opportunities to serve again. Together, we can help them lead and unite communities, and develop character in future generations, all while honoring the fallen. 

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