Three Awesome Autumn Weekend Activities for Worthy Women in The Heart of Tennessee

Sep 09, 2021 at 10:00 am by sonyamcclloughlockridge

Welcome to The Heart of Tennessee Quick Snap View of "What's Happening" in the 'Boro from a worthy woman's perspective. The final holiday of the summer of 2021 is a few dog days behind us and awesome autumn is thankfully in clear view.

Today, we are talking conferences and know, I could only find, three local Christian Women's Conferences scheduled over the next two months or so.

I searched for hours, partly, because, I am hosting one of the conferences! I am so excited and listed below are the results of my findings, with noted links in play and in place.

The first conference listed is a two-day weekend event, while the second conference listed is scheduled for a Saturday and the final conference is scheduled for a Friday night in early October. 

  1. Friday and Saturday, Sept. 24-25: The Unstoppable Fierce & Focused Women's Conference: Running In Stilettos
  2. Saturday, Sept. 25: The Only Jesus 2021 Women's Conference (cultivating a meek & gentle heart)
  3. Friday, Oct. 8: The SHE Gathering with Jen Wilkin at New Vision

Please also note, sadly, the conferences listed do not include child care. But, I hope and pray, this article reaches you in plenty of time to manage arrangements for your children.

In addition, I also hope and pray that you consider yourself worthy of gathering, focusing and cultivating, for such a time as this, because girlfriend, HIS HOLY WORD says in Ephesians 4: As prisoners for the Lord, we are worthy of the calling we have received! 

Check back soon for another: The Heart of Tennessee Quick Snap View of "What's Happening" in the 'Boro.

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