Whose mother are you?

Dec 08, 2021 at 10:00 am by sonyamcclloughlockridge

This morning I'm in the Temporary Tiny Place kitchen writing. I quietly close the door to the bathroom, to snap a picture of this tiny cooking space. It's dark outside because it's 4:37 in the morning. I'm a morning person. The best hours of my day are from 4 to 8 o'clock in the morning. I stepped into the Tiny Place shower around 3:45. Sirens are blaring outside my single window, because I'm no longer countryside, I'm back in the city of Murfreesboro. It's the first day of December, and I'm in the same city where my adult children reside. 

It's early, but I've had time to reread the first chapter of the book of Matthew. Today, I'm reading the NIV translation of the Holy Word of God. And there it is, sticking out at me, like a super sore thumb. The Key Word MOTHER is used four times in the text, in this the first chapter of the book of Matthew. 

For the past six weeks, my adult children have helped me, their MOTHER, reestablish residency in this, the city of Murfreesboro Tennessee. 

While reading the WORD in this, new to me Temporary Tiny Place, the Key Word, MOTHER sticks out at me like a super sore thumb! It just sits their waving at me. As if to say, here I am, pay me some attention today, please. 

So, I finish reading the chapter. Then, with pen and paper, in hand, I go back and reread again. As, if for a moment, I thought something was going to change. The powers to be may publish the WORD again and again, but the TRUTH never changes. 

The Key phrase WHOSE MOTHER ARE YOU, is used three times in this, the first chapter of the book of Matthew. And the phrase WHOSE MOTHER had been is used once. And then finally, towards, the end of the chapter, the Key Word MOTHER is used in regard to Mary being the MOTHER of the Messiah. 

According to Bible Gateway, the Key Word MOTHER is used in the King James Version of the Holy Word of God, almost three hundred times! The books of Genesis and Matthew both lead the pack in their number of occurrences. Genesis usage is twenty-three and Matthew leads with twenty-six. 

The Greek word for Mother is may'-tare (G3384) and the word may'-tare is defined as the source of something. The Hebrew word for Mother is ame (H517) and is defined as of humans.

I'm back in the city of Murfreesboro! It's no longer the first day of December, and I'm once again living in the same city where my adult children reside. This weekend I will baby sit my beautiful two-year-old Grandson and tomorrow, my son's dog will super try and get a good long lick of the back of my neck as we ride the Boulevard. 

Whose mother was Tamar? Whose mother was Rahab? Whose mother had been Uriah’s wife? Whose mother is a key phrase which is used at least three times in the first chapter of the NIV of the book of Matthew. 

Whose mother are you?