Must see movie of the week - Joe Bell

Aug 16, 2021 at 10:00 am by Cynthialynn Jones

Mark Wahlberg as Joe Bell

Joe Bell A must-see for everyone, all ages, all backgrounds. 

I was so moved by this film, I am petitioning this film to be shown in the schools as part of the curriculum beginning in middle school. 

This is a story about all of us, every family, and every person. Some may find it difficult to understand, but truly this is a story about us all, and through education we can all become better people.

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Connie Britton and Gary Sinise, Joe Bell tells the intimate and emotional true story of an Oregonian father who pays tribute to his gay teenage son Jadin, embarking on a self-reflective walk across America to speak his heart and heartland citizens about the real and terrifying costs of bullying.

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