The Real Reason Afghanistan Taliban is Gaining Ground

Aug 16, 2021 at 11:00 am by FBIinformant

The United Sates lost the war in Afghanistan the moment Iraq was invaded and occupied. What we are seeing today in Afghanistan, with the Taliban taking over, was set in motion back on March 19, 2003.

On 9/11, Al Qaeda terrorists, trained in Afghaniastan, attacked America. None of those terrorists were from Iraq. There were no Al Qaeda terrorist training camps in Iraq, at least before March 2003.

So why did America invade Iraq and take it's focus off Afghanistan?

Ask the former "oilman," President George Bush. I'm certain the Republican President won't tell you about the fifth largest oil reserve being located in Iraq. He will stick to the cover story, Iraqi Freedom.

It's important to note that the war in Iraq wasn't named Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL). That would have revealed its real purpose from Day One.

And of course, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) didn't secure the weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that America was lied to about.

It was sad to see Colin Powell fall victim to one of the Republican Party's most dangerous conspiracy theories.

So what we are seeing today in Afghanistan is the result of one of America's worst foreign policy decisions in modern times. It has brought condemnation upon America from people around the world, and economic ramifications continue to the present.

There was an Iraq War component to the Great Recession. I've talked with members of Murfreesboro's 269th Military Police about their deployment to Iraq. And they agreed it was an unnecessary, illegal, and immoral war.

And now Afghanistan is paying the price.


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So if the Afghanistan War was lost back in 2003, why did the U.S. stay involved for so long? Very likely the reason is domestic and tied to QAnon. There are domestic companies that have been feed by U.S. government contracts related to the war in Afghanistan. They would just love a never-ending war paid for by American tax payers. Those companies wanted the government contracts to continue, so we kept the Afghan war up and running. Fearing the end of their corporate welfare, those companies aligned themselves with conspiracy theorists like QAnon. Of course, this is very dangerous given Donald Trump's attempted coup on January 6th. President Biden is responding to the Will of the American People and acting in the national security of the country. The influence of those companies has helped to perpetuate Republican Party propaganda. You can see it blatantly applied in their marketing. After the corporate welfare is cut off, they will be forced to come back to reality. The chaos in Kabul was inevitable once the U.S. invaded Iraq.
Be advised. Unfortunately, we should expect an increase of veteran suicides in the coming months. Especially for those who served in Iraq. We owe it to our veterans to help them during this difficult time. If you see any signs of trouble in a veteran, make sure they get assistance. In the future, keep an eye out for the possibility of International War Crime Tribunals. Given the illegal nature of the War in Iraq, members of the U.S. Military may face such scrutiny. I knew Operation Iraqi Freedom was a goatfuck from day one. I resigned my commission in protest.
It wasn’t originally named “Infinite Justice” but we didn’t want to offend anyone. The withdrawal of Afghanistan is worse than Vietnam. The people in charge of this are incompetent at the least. Blaming everyone and everything on this exit strategy weekend, now week is a joke
Correction: it WAS originally named Infinite Justice
Tim Powers - Send all complaints to oilman President George Bush for creating this debacle. The deaths of American service members in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the deaths of Iraqi citizens, and now the deaths of Afghan citizens rest squarely upon his shoulders. Yes, Dick Cheney manipulated the President. But when you assume a leadership position, you are ultimately responsible for what happens. This is just one of the nastier Republican messes President Joe Biden has to clean up. We could call it Operation Clean Up Republican Fuck Up.
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