6 Rutherford County businesses penalized by the state in June

Jul 15, 2021 at 09:38 am by Michelle Willard

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance’s Division of Regulatory Boards has released its latest Disciplinary Action Report, which includes seven Rutherford County businesses in its compiled actions taken by its boards and commissions during the month of June.








Motor Vehicle


Murfreesboro, TN

Failure to comply with rules and regulations

$2,750 civil penalty


Real Estate Appraisers

David Mark Hicks

Murfreesboro, TN

USPAP violations

$1,000 civil penalty


Real Estate Commission

Christian LeMere

Murfreesboro, TN

Failure to supervise an affiliate due to lapse in affiliate's E&O insurance

$400 civil penalty


Contractors & Home Improvement,

Limited Licensed Electricians, Limited

Licensed Plumbers

Spencer Brooks

Smyrna, TN

Unlicensed activity

$2,000 civil penalty


Motor Vehicle

Work and Play Trucks, LLC

Smyrna, TN

Expired city/county business license

$500 civil penalty


Motor Vehicle

Street Classic Cars

La Vergne, TN

Advertising violation(s)

$250 civil penalty



The Division of Regulatory Boards protects the health and safety of Tennessee citizens through boards, commissions, and programs by ensuring that persons meet minimum professional standards, by responsively and timely handling complaints, and by providing consumer education on regulated professions and industries. The Division’s boards include the Board for Licensing Contractors, the Motor Vehicle Commission, the Real Estate Commission, the Board of Funeral Directors & Embalmers and the Cosmetology & Barber Examiners Board, among others.

These boards, commissions, and programs are empowered to take disciplinary action – including revocation of licenses and assessment of civil penalties – against license holders found guilty of violating laws governing their professions.

About the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance: Protecting Tennesseans through balanced oversight of insurance and regulated professions while enhancing consumer advocacy, education, and public safety. Our divisions include the State Fire Marshal’s Office, Insurance, Securities, Consumer Affairs, Regulatory Boards, Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, Tennessee Emergency Communications Board, and TennCare Oversight.


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