Yet another scam: Insurance Fraud Through Texting

Dec 02, 2021 at 12:18 pm by Cynthialynn Jones

Mr. John Stely wants to warn all of us of yet another scam.

As if getting those robocalls weren't enough. Text messages are popping up on phones. 

"I got two, my wife's got two," Murfreesboro resident John Stely said. These text messages are all sorts of random messages, "I kept it, and I did not reply," Stely said. Stely said he received one a few days ago, claiming that he's owed an insurance refund. 

"We owe you $594.00. A new ruling caused us to overcharge you last year. Your insurance fund is ready," Stely said the text message stated. But what he says was the red flag is that the text did not say who his insurance company was or what form of insurance John had. "Just sounded like a scam," Stely said.

"I thought it was another example of a scammer who is using a prevalent scam and reinventing it with a new wrinkle," Kevin Walters with the Department of Commerce and Insurance said.  A wrinkle Walters said people need to ignore, especially if the text message tells you to click on a link. "If you click on that link, it's guaranteed that one of the following things will happen to you," Walters said. "Your phone or your company will be infected with malware, spyware, ransomware." 

Walters said to avoid the link, the text and delete them.

"Consider how you normally interact with that company," Walters said. "If it's a bank, the bank's going to have you go to their website, and you're going to sign in. You're not going to get a mysterious text on your phone." 

Something Stely takes to heart, and that is why he's spreading the word. "I didn't wanna open up Pandora's Box," Stely said.

Walters added that typically if your insurer contacts you, they'll do it by hard copy in the mail. They're going to require you to do things such as establish a login, and typically there are two forms of authentication. Something that will ensure you, as a consumer and them, as a service provider, that there's some security.

Just remember that nothing is free and no one is handing out free money these days, so just don’t fall down the trap and get take advantage of.

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