Murfreesboro Mama: Why Moms Need 'Mostly Moms'

May 11, 2021 at 10:00 am by Laura Beth Payne

Motherhood might be one of the greatest gifts life brings, but most of us would add that it's one of the greatest challenges.

When I became a mom I remember feeling parenthood was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and I wondered: Shouldn't there be, like, a formal support group for us?!

Then I started learning more about MOPS-- a supportive nonprofit ministry for moms that provided coffee, adult conversation and *gasp* childcare.  Now the MOPS Murfreesboro chapter led by Maegan Snyder has grown and become part of the Mostly Moms ministry at World Outreach Church led by Christa Lanier. Built on the foundation that no one should go through life-- much less parenthood-- alone, Mostly Moms offers a welcoming space for all mamas to show up for some rest, relief, and support through the parenting process. 

If your mommin' could use a boost, check out how to join Mostly Moms.

1. Pick Your Time

When my children were toddlers my criteria for friendship included finding someone whose kids had the same nap schedule mine did. I mean, it's a thing when you're trying to dive deep with a friend and your babe is wailing for his bed while hers happily play on! The Mostly Moms groups currently offer eight different meet-up times for moms during the week, mornings and evenings, so the chances are high you'll find a group that fits your-- and your kids'-- schedules.

 "Pre-Covid our ladies met each and every Wednesday morning at 10am at WOC for roughly 16 years," says Lanier. "Coffee and incredible childcare was provided week after week-March of 2020 put this on pause. Since then we have had to really be creative and flexible and find ways to serve the ladies that depend on these groups for community and spiritual connection! I have seen and heard MANY stories of how the ladies know now more than ever, the importance of having one another. This is my goal: to keep groups going!”

2. Be Yourself

Mostly Moms is a ministry and Bible study is a part of the activities, but all moms are welcome to attend regardless of spiritual background. Snyder emphasizes that the idea behind Mostly Moms is that no mother should feel alone in parenting, and that means finding support no matter the mom's life stage or situation. "Mostly Moms is for all moms – regardless of where you are spiritually or where you are in motherhood," says Snyder. "We have moms with children of all ages. We have moms that grew up in church, and some that this is their first experience with the church."  

3. Get Ready to Grow (and Get Out!)

While Bible studies are absolutely part of the Mostly Moms activities, the learning and interaction doesn't stop there. Other activities include movie nights, playdates, social events, service projects, volunteering opportunities and more. Think of it like someone’s coming up with your girls nights FOR you. "We recently hosted a mom’s night out at Garage Barre + Bike, and have several coming up in the next couple of months, including a skating night and axe throwing," says Snyder.

There's even mom-style professional development offered with opportunities to hear from guest speakers on a range of topics pertaining to motherhood, women’s issues, and kids. 

4. Find Your Tribe

More than just a way to find fun things to do, Mostly Moms is intended to connect moms with one another and reminds them that they are not alone.

 "We believe that by design we are not meant to do life alone," says Lanier. "These ladies have seen me at my worst and have been the ones to pray with me and bring me meals when they were needed. To learn and grow alongside ladies who are all striving to know the Lord and believe in the value to doing life together is awesome."

"I couldn’t imagine being a mom without the support of these ladies," adds Snyder. "I have been with most of this group for three years and they truly have become my best friends. We have gone through so much as a group, from welcoming new babies to unfortunately losing some of our own. It’s been heartbreaking at times, but so, so rewarding and special at the same time. It’s so nice knowing you aren’t alone when things feel difficult or you feel like you’re drowning in the day-to-day tasks that come along with parenting."

 Ready to go? Learn more about Mostly Moms groups at World Outreach Church by contacting Christa Lanier at 615-609-5828 and, or Maegan Snyder at and 615-631-2063. 

 Laura Beth Payne is a writer mama and Murfreesboro native who lives in the Blackman community with her husband and two children. Follow her at @murfreesboromama on Facebook and Instagram. Got a column idea? Email her at

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