Ushering in the New Year with ... "Maybe"

Jan 04, 2021 at 10:00 am by Paulette Jackson

"Maybe..." (photo and art by Paulette Jackson)

Have you ever wondered why you are here?
You are the only you there has ever
been or ever will be.

You have so much to offer

Maybe you will invent something
that no one has ever seen before?
Maybe you will build things

that reach high into the sky?

Your life is yours.
Try as many things as you can try.
See as much as you can see.
Wherever you go, take your hopes
pack your dreams, and never forget ---
it is on journeys that discoveries are made.
Maybe you will help others
to see the beauty in each day?

Or maybe you will lift cheering
crowds to their feet?
Do everything with love.
Follow your heart and see where it leads you.
Maybe you are here to shine
a light into places that have
been dark for far too long?
Maybe you will speak up
for those who can't speak
for themselves?
Maybe you are here to help
in ways that only you can?

There will be struggles, there will be fears
and it won't always be easy.
At times it will feel really hard.
And you might make a mess of things.

You may fail.

But you will also get back up, and you
will rise a little stronger and a little taller.
Because there really is more inside you
than you know. And this world needs
your gifts, your talents, your big ideas,
And maybe you are just getting started.

What if you are only scratching the surface
of what you can do and who you can be?
What if you have talents
you haven't discovered yet?

There is something powerful
and even magical about you.

You already have everything
it takes to do big things.
Maybe you have no idea just how good
you really can be? And maybe you don't
know how much you matter?
But maybe, just maybe, the world has
been waiting centuries for someone
exactly like you.
One thing for sure, you are here.
And because you are here...
...anything is possible.

The message above is the complete book of "Maybe" by Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Gariella Barouch. This delightful book was a Christmas gift, and I wanted to share it with readers.
It has been an uncertain and trying year for everyone. And in reading the message in this sweet children's book, I hope we are reminded once again, of the unexpressed potential in all of us, to be a light in this world. Each of our lives have meaning and purpose. And it is my hope that after reading the content above, each of you will be reminded of your inestimable worth...Just... Maybe.

Wishing you all a joyful New Year,
Paulette Jackson

The thoughts and intentions expressed in The Conversant Counselor's Blog are those belonging to Paulette Jackson lpc-mhsp and do not necessarily reflect those of any other professional or individual.

The book, Maybe, is written by Kobi Yamada, a New York Times best-selling author and Illustrated by Gabriella Barouch. Published in 2019 by Compendium.

photo and art by Paulette Jackson


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