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Nov 01, 2017 at 09:15 am by Michelle Willard

Welcome to Murfreesboro Voice a new kind of news website fueled entirely by the community.

Murfreesboro Voice will rely heavily on local "Voices," in the form of local writers and photographers with diverse perspectives, for content creation.

Have something to say? Then say it here and we will pay you for it.

“Our business model includes splitting all revenue 50/50 with contributing Voices based on their contribution to site traffic each month,” said Tim Choate, president of Bondware Web Solutions, the parent company of Murfreesboro Voice.

Since 1999, Bondware Web Solutions has been making online news publishing software. We have customers all over the world, but we are based right here in Murfreesboro.

"We care about our hometown and want its unique voices to be heard like never before," said Michelle Willard, a local journalist who will oversee the site's editorial content.

In addition to news and information, we also hope to include poetry, short-form fiction and other forms of art, as long as it has a local flavor, Choate said.

If you want to be heard, sign up as a user at murfreesborovoice.com/register. Or if you just want to keep up with local news, sign up for our newsletter at murfreesborovoice.com/joinlist.

Once registered, go to your "PROFILE" page to submit content. All submitted content is moderated by Willard.

Willard said she will do light edits and filter out spam, as well as give advice on how to write for a wide audience.

“I hope you will join us in this exercise in experimental journalism,” Willard said.

We welcome your feedback on the site via the site's Contact Us form.

Photo: Michelle Willard and Tim Choate of the Murfreesboro Voice.

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