Scam Alert: Callers pose a Sheriff's major to get cash

Aug 07, 2019 at 01:23 pm by Lisa Marchesoni

Rutherford County Sheriff's Office

Scammers are using the name of a Rutherford County Sheriff's major in an apparent attempt to gain money.

One woman received a threatening call Wednesday from a man posing as Sheriff's Major Steve Spence saying she failed to show up for jury duty.

A Murfreesboro business and a convenience store received calls Wednesday morning from a man identifying himself as Spence asking to speak to the president of the company.

The Sheriff's Office never calls to ask people for money for any reason, including for papers, missing court or failing to show up for jury duty.

The caller to the business yelled and told one administrative assistant he had an emergency and demanded to speak to the president.

"You put the president on the line right now," the caller said. 

He said he had a paper for the president who was not in the office. 

The administrative assistant didn't believe the call was real, so she told the caller she did not believe him. The caller hung up. 

She immediately called Spence who verified he did not make the call.

People who receive similar threatening calls from someone identifying themselves as a sheriff's deputy should simply hang up. 

They may call the Sheriff's Office at 615-898-7770 to report the threatening calls.

Please do not give personal information, credit cards or numbers on gift cards to people who make threatening calls.


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