Opinion: We must stop the hateful rhetoric that leads to hate crime like Poway Synagogue Shooting

Apr 29, 2019 at 02:00 pm by MariahPhillips

Poway Synagogue Shooting

On the day we pause to remember and reflect on the atrocities committed against the Jewish people during the Holocaust, our hearts are heavy with sadness.

We join Americans across the country in extending our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the victims of the Poway, California, Synagogue shooting. We share in their grief and the grief felt by the entire Poway community.

Divisive and hateful rhetoric has sparked a significant rise in hate crime in our country, but we shall not be held hostage by the misguided, deep-seated hate of others. This hate and the crimes it perpetuates has claimed far too many lives, both here and across the world.  We were shocked and deeply saddened as we learned of the fifty lives lost in the Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque shooting. We sat in horror as the death toll rose to 250 after bombs blast ripped through churches in Sri Lanka as worshipers gathered for celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

These brutal attacks took the lives of those who simply wished to express their faith, a right we as Americans are lucky enough to have guaranteed within our Constitution, a right that must be protected against the hate that has quietly seeped its way into our society. These unprovoked and senseless attacks have not only cut hundreds of lives short, they have stolen the hopes, dreams and potential of individuals, families and communities. 

As a country, we made a promise to ourselves and to the world, vowing “never again.” America is a country of values, a country of principles,  a country of love and a country that honors its word.  We value life and liberty, and we value and honor the American dream. That is why the Rutherford County Democratic Party calls on all Americans, regardless of religious beliefs or political affiliation, to stand with us as we denounce this spread of hate. We ask that you help us honor the pledge we made all those years ago as we work to stem the tide of intolerance that has woven itself in the fabric of our communities.  We owe that not only to ourselves and our children, but to generations yet to come, and all those who fought, and died, to end such injustice and bigotry.



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