Opinion: Were you among the nearly 15K voters purged in January?

Apr 01, 2019 at 09:00 am by MFerry

Voter suppression

The Rutherford County Democratic Party has recently learned that as of January 2019, more than 14,881 voters were purged from Rutherford County's voter rolls for the period from 2017-2018.

This is a process routinely and regularly conducted every two years by the Rutherford County Election Commission in accordance with Tennessee election laws.

The majority of those voters were removed and/or relegated to "inactive" status as a result of not having voted in two successive November elections.

The Rutherford County Democratic Party is concerned that this type of voter purging is representative of one form of voter suppression.

As a result, we are engaged in a campaign to ensure that all eligible Rutherford County citizens - Democrat and Republican alike - are able to exercise their constitutional right to actively participate in the electoral process, and we strongly encourage them to do so.

Although the election commission maintains that they make every attempt to assure that these individuals are duly notified, many of those affected remain unaware of the fact that they can no longer vote in upcoming elections unless and until they re-register, which can now be done online at GoVoteTN.com.

Impact on Lead 2020

This purging of voters is of particular concern to the Rutherford County Democratic Party because it is having its Biennial Party Leadership Reorganization (Lead 2020: Party Leadership Election) whereby new officers and Executive Committee members will be elected for the upcoming two years.

Lead 2020: Party Leadership Election will take place at 8 a.m. Saturday, April 6 at Patterson Park Community Center, 521 Mercury Blvd. Doors close at 9 a.m. Participants are asked to bring their voter registration cards and picture ID.

Because only those Democrats who are registered to vote in Rutherford County may participate in this Reorganization Election, all those wishing to attend and be a part of this process are urged to immediately verify their voter status online at GoVoteTN.com.

We urge those whose names no longer appear to re-register at the same time in order to restore and establish their ability to vote in this and future elections.

Those who share these concerns and/or who wish more information and details about the Rutherford County Democratic Party and its upcoming reorganization can go to its website.

Matt Ferry
Chairman, Rutherford County Democratic Party
Murfreesboro, TN




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