Feb. 23: List of roads closed due to flooding

Feb 23, 2019 at 09:55 am by Michelle Willard


The Rutherford County Sheriff's Office is advising drivers to stay home if possible because county roads are expected to be more dangerous with more rain expected Saturday afternoon. 

Sheriff’s deputies are asking residents to please avoid putting yourselves in danger or anyone else in danger by staying away from flooded areas.

Deputies have encountered people who are putting themselves in danger by ignoring road closures. #TurnAroundDontDrown. 

Also, people put themselves in danger by sight-seeing the flooded areas.

Here are the latest Rutherford County road closures, impassable roads and dangerous roads: 

Closed roads 

• Wayside and Sledge Road
• Veals between Double Springs Road and Bradyville
• Seminary at Poplarwood.
• Goochie Ford Road at Bivens.
• Cranor Road (one lane)
• County Farm Road at Elam Road slab
• Sulphur Springs at Shacklett
• Sulphur Springs at Buckeye Bottom Road
• Readyville at North Lassiter
• Seminary/Bluegrass – high water/impassable co hwy dept notified
• Alford Road – high water/passable
• Nice Mill/lower side – high water/impassable –road closed
• Raines Street/Withers to Hardee – high water/impassable – road closed – co hwy dept notified
• Guy James Bridge – High water/impassable – road closed – co hwy dept notified

Impassable roads

• Stones River Slab
• Kedron Church Road
• 2200 Block of Shoemaker Road
• The 450-block of Annadel Street
• The 1993-1943 block of Kingwood Drive
• The 1200 block of Mt. Herman Road
• 310 Cranor Road (one lane closed)
• 547 Cranor Road
• Rucker Road at Crabapple
• 3400- block of South Rucker Road
• The 4900-5000 block of Poplarwood
• Vaught and Cripple Creek Roads
• Kedron Church Road
• Mt. Vernon Road and New Salem Highway
• Allen/Leanna – high water/impassable – road closed – co hwy dept notified
• Elam Road at the City Limits – high water/impassable – road closed – co hwy dept notified
• Puckett/Shores – high water/impassable – road closed – co hwy notified
• Crescent Lane/Hwy 231 – high water/impassable – road closed – co hwy notified
• Versailles Rd/Link Rd – high water/impassable – road closed – co hwy notified

Other roads with high water include:

• Crescent Road and Stones River Road 
• Dilton Makin Road and Bradyville Pike
• The 1000 block of Allen Road
• Briley Road, Rocky Fork and Almaville
• Franklin Road and Royal Glen subdivision
• Friendswood Lane
• Lovvorn at Rocks Springs Road
• 5214 Old Nashville Highway
• 2305 Armstrong Valley Road
• Puckett Road at Shores Road
• 113 Withers Avenue
• 212 Crescent Road
• Mt. Herman Road and Weeks Road
• Epps Mill Slab – high water/passable
• Old Nashville Hwy at the railroad tracks – high water/passable


On Saturday morning, several roads in Murfreesboro were closed because of high water.

Closed Roads

• 600 Block of Bradyville Pike near Chelsey Place Pond
• Armstrong Valley Road from Veterans Pkwy to Thompson Road and between Hwy 99 and Veterans Pkwy 
• College Street at Railroad overpass
• Cherry Lane at Siegel Park 
• East Overall Creek at Old Salem Road 
• St. Andrews from Hwy 99 to Veterans Pkwy 

High Water Conditions: 

• Wilkinson Pike behind Henley Station Apartments
• Sulfur Springs Rd. & Cross Drive 
• North Tennessee & Hazelwood Drive 
• Rucker Lane & Swanson Lane  
• 2254 Patriot Drive 
• 3275 Saint Andrews  
• Mallory Lane 

The Greenways are still closed until further notice. Low head dams and Greenways are dangerous when flooded due to unknown debris and other hazards. Stay clear!


Due to the rain, the following Smyrna Parks are closed:

• Rotary Soccer Park,
• Sharp Springs Park, and
• Paul Johns Neighborhood Park.

Additionally, if you're a runner/walker/biker, portions of the greenway are also closed.


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