19 Days of Activism: The opioid epidemic and domestic violence

Nov 08, 2018 at 02:01 pm by Child Advocacy Center

19 Days of Activism

During the 19 Days of Activism, the Child Advocacy Center has two goals. The first goal is that the 19 partner agencies will sponsor press releases to educate our community about child abuse, with a focus on the impact of opioids and substance abuse on children.  

Here's how the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center helps:


The current opioid epidemic is affecting many parts of our community. Opioid overdoses have become so widespread that the Tennessee General Assembly has permitted pharmacies to carry naloxone, a medication used to negate the effects of an opioid overdose until the patient receives professional treatment.

Additionally, the number of children born with symptoms of opioid withdrawal has continued to rise every year since 2013.

The Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center staff see the lasting and damaging effects the opioid epidemic is having on the families seeking our safety and healing services.

Intimate partner violence plays a critical role in the development and the exacerbation of mental health and substance abuse.

According to research, domestic violence survivors face a greater risk of experiencing a range of mental health conditions, including depression, PTSD, substance use disorders, and suicidality.

Children fall victim of not only the opioid epidemic but also victims of household violence as a result. Living with parents who are addicted to opioids can affect children’s brain development, sense of safety, and social wellbeing. It can also increase the risk of children using substances themselves.

The same is true of children who live in a violent home. The two risk factors together can be a lethal mix and a lifetime of psychological healing.

The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center is proud to partner with the Children’s Advocacy Center to raise awareness about this critical issue as part of the 19 Days of Activism.

As community partners, we strive to work together to address the issues of both opioid abuse and family trauma to assist in rebuilding healthy families.

Implementing evidence-based interventions, educating our community, and erasing stigmas so that those struggling may feel comfortable coming forward to seek the help they desperately need are core to the service provisions of the DVSA Center and Children’s Advocacy Center.

The National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma, and Mental Health has released a free webinar series on Trauma, Opioids, and Domestic Violence. Learn more at www.nationalcenterdvtraumamh.org 

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