19 Days of Activism: How NorthStar Pain Management and Physical Therapy help in fight against the opioid crisis

Nov 04, 2018 at 02:00 pm by Child Advocacy Center

During the 19 Days of Activism, the Child Advocacy Center has two goals. The first goal is that the 19 partner agencies will sponsor press releases to educate our community about child abuse, with a focus on the impact of opioids and substance abuse on children.  

Here's how NorthStar Pain Management and Physical Therapy helps:

The providers and staff at NorthStar Pain Management and Physical Therapy understand that there is a huge opioid epidemic, not only facing our community but also facing our great nation.

"Our facility takes great pride in the care that we provide to our individual patients as well as the community. We consistently strive to find innovative ways to treat pain," said Andy Jain with NorthStar Pain Management and Physical Therapy.

NorthStar has partnered up with an organization called We Care to help bring the opioid crisis to light and assist with addressing the issues at hand. One of the issues that NorthStar has encountered, which was brought to light by organizations such as We Care and the Child Advocacy Center, is the treatment of women who have been on a pain management regimen who become pregnant.

"We Care has introduced us to various groups, such as 180 Health Partners, who is a great resource to assist with these women’s care, so their unborn children do not develop a tolerance to opioids," Jain said.

NorthStar is grateful to organizations, like the Child Advocacy Center, whose hard work and dedication bring awareness to the different types of abuse to children, whether it be physical or emotional abuse, or whether is it a lack of awareness/education of medication being taken by an expecting mother.

"Our organization will continue to support and advocate for the Child Advocacy Center," Jain said.


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