Lessons from the Bible: Morsels of the life of Moses

Apr 18, 2018 at 04:00 pm by sonyamcclloughlockridge

I'm completely star struck by the life of Moses.

If you were selling Moses T-shirts like Black Panther gear, I would buy one.

I keep finding myself thinking about this guy named Moses. We know early on that Moses struggled with not being a perfect speaker. We know he lived for 120 years.

We know he wrote what God said to write. We know he went where God said to go.

We know he had a close relationship with our Father. We know he was righteous in prayer.

We know as a baby Moses was bathed in some different kind of bath water. We know our Father had a special lifetime assignment for Moses.

We know his legacy of faith caused him to be mentioned in the Book of Hebrews. We know Moses and Elijah spent some extra special time with our savior Jesus Christ. We know he has at least one prayer in Psalms.

We know Moses had a sister and a brother. We know Moses was set apart from his siblings as a child. We know Moses's sister Miriam was the oldest of the two.

We know Miriam's assignment was to look after Moses and praise the Lord. We know Moses had this loyal brother named Aaron. We know Moses had to watch both his sister and brother die.

Yes, we have learned much about the life of Moses. Yet we continue to better understand morsels of the life of Moses.

Yes, we have learned much about the life of Moses, but this one thing leaves me breathless.

This one thing about Moses sings silent soulful peace to my spirit. I am personally comforted by the fact that our Father continued to speak to Moses after his disbelieving and disobedient behavior.

I am personally overwhelmed by the fact that after displaying disbelieving, disobedient and disappointing behavior our Father spoke directly to Moses in advance of his brother's death.

I am personally inspired by Moses ability to live content within the boundary of his punishment of not going to the Promised Land.

I also believe this promise land punishment allowed Moses to live free of the pressure to be perfect in his final days. Know I'm deeply saddened by Moses's disobedient behavior with not speaking to the rock as God instructed. But also, know I am also somewhat elated at our Father's desire for us to see Moses as a successful, struggling, suffering, and sinful man.

Moses was not perfect. From the beginning to the end of Moses story Moses was far from perfect.

But the beauty of Moses story is that our Father allows us to see Moses in perfect transparency and this should set us free. Our Father forgave Moses and continued to speak to him.

God loved Moses regardless and we should do likewise when others mess up in this their one life.