Wedding Budget Money Saving Tips

Apr 05, 2018 at 10:00 am by Weddings&Event by Raina

Let's face it. Any way you look at it, weddings are stressful and expensive.

One of the best investments you can make is hiring a wedding planner. They will keep you on track when you get distracted and will be there to help eliminate the stress involved in planning a wedding so you can relax and enjoy.

Your wedding planner will not only call vendors and ask all the important questions you may not think of, but your planner can actually make suggestions on vendors that will not only suit your needs and personality but also your budget saving you money while at the same time!

Having your event planner talk to your vendors about payment plans will also help ease the financial burden. We have all been in the position of having to pay for a wedding ourselves, so you would be surprised at how flexible or understanding vendors can be.

Typically, vendors will require a deposit at the time you book them and sign a contract. Then they usually ask that you pay the remaining balance just prior to or on the big day. If financially this will be difficult for you, see if your wedding planner can make an arrangement with them to have a payment plan breaking it down into smaller payments. 

This way, over the months, either leading up to or following your wedding, will give you additional time to pay off the bill.

Event planners will always ask if there are any package deals. They can check to see if you will receive any savings or special deals by using multiple services by hiring a group of vendors for your wedding.

For example, with your invitations, if you order your wedding day programs, menus and thank you cards all from the same stationery, they may give you a discount. Also, some caterers may offer linens, plates, glasses and silverware saving you the additional cost of having to rent them separately. 

Don't avoid wedding expos or bridal shows! When you attend these events, many vendors will offer promotions and coupons. or even extend special deals to guests who attend. Take advantage of those discount codes and free gifts. Just make sure you have a binder to keep the offers well-organized so you can find them when you need them.

Many wedding blogs and companies run contests. By signing up you could win anything from money to products and services for your big day! By entering contests and sweepstakes you can try your luck and hopefully win something that will help your expenses!

If you plan to make major purchases for your wedding, use a credit card that will reward you. Earn points for a honeymoon flight or hotel or even get cash back to help with everyday expenses. With the cost of a wedding, you can rack up some serious rewards! Just make sure to pay off your credit card in full so you don’t ruin your credit or go into debt over your wedding. Believe me, this is NOT how you want to begin your new life together.

With all the resale sites out there these days from eBay and Tradesy to Craigslist and even specialty sale pages Facebook, sell back what you can. 

Once your wedding is over, see if you can get any money back by reselling items that other couples can use. Especially if you have a garage full of decor. You can even sell your dress & accessories if you choose.

And finally, make small changes to your daily purchases. This can have a huge impact on your savings. If you skip going out for that $4 coffee every day for six months and make coffee at home instead, that’s about $720 you could use towards something for your wedding or even a more spectacular honeymoon!