Make your wedding uniquely YOU

Mar 27, 2018 at 11:00 am by Weddings&Event by Raina

If you are looking for a wedding that is uniquely you.

If you want to walk into your reception and not see something that has been done by your friends. If you want to really make your guests say, "wow," sit up and take notice, then avoid these overdone trends.

Following traditions because you “have to.”

This is YOUR wedding. Not your mother's, not your grandmother's. Following wedding traditions because you “have” to simply doesn't make sense.

Couples are becoming more and more confident when making wedding decisions that ultimately make THEM happy. We are happy to seem them putting themselves and their wishes, wants, and desires first. Are you and your fiance a more reserved, personal couple? Have a small ceremony with close friends and immediate family, saving the reception for the larger group. Has travel been a large part of your relationship?

Plan an entire menu based on your favorite dishes from around the world. When else do you get to personalize a menu that’s all about you? Never! Own your wedding and enjoy it!!

Pinterest copy-catting

Pinterest is an amazing source for examples of wedding decor, but being too inspired by Pinterest sometimes leaves weddings feeling dated and unoriginal. Some of the pins circulating on Pinterest are YEARS old.

Given that Pinterest does not date or delete pins over time many brides often choose a wedding style that in no way reflects who they are based on what they have found on this popular app. We suggest making a list of colors and elements you love before heading over to Pinterest.

Weddings are personal and we love to getting to know our couples that we design for. We do our best to incorporate elements that fit into their lives using inspiration from blogs, styled shoots and magazines which offer up-to-date inspiration. However, we always make sure that the overall look and feel of your wedding is infused with your own style and personalities.

Naked wedding gowns

We have to be honest with you. We have never truly loved the look of “naked wedding gowns.” You know the ones… the bride makes her entrance and everyone feels a little uncomfortable like they’re seeing more than they should.

We understand brides want to look and feel sexy on their wedding day but we don’t think you need to bare it all to accomplish this. So let’s keep it classy ladies and cover those nipples and navels.

Gigantic bouquets

We LOVE the large overwhelming bouquets for styled shoots. You know the ones...the big, lush, practically a centerpiece bouquet. They’ve have been getting bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER over the last couple years and seems to be swallowing our sweet brides.

Sometimes we find that brides can’t even hold them for long periods of time because they are so heavy. Ladies, we know you love your florals, but lets tone down bouquets so they compliment the bride’s beauty, rather than compete for it.

Massive bridal parties

Speaking of competing with the bride, gone are the days where you need to have every single best friend in your life by your side on your wedding day.

With a focus on more intimate weddings, we are seeing a shift to smaller wedding parties and we love it! Not only are your lovely ladies thankful to not have to purchase a matching dress and shoes, your friends get to be more present on your day as guests and you have far less work as a brides making sure everyone is picture perfect for your day.

We love weddings with smaller wedding parties because nothing beats the feeling of intimacy and knowing that you’re surrounded by your favorite, most important people and you’re far able to be more present for those fleeting moments.

Dated fabrics & textures

Burlap just looks dated and dirty, but unfortunately, SO many weddings still have it. We also used to love sequins, however, they have been so overdone... and sequin bridesmaids dresses at a Rustic/Country wedding is one of our least favorite pairings because we have seen it so often.

Fabrics that would really updated your event because they are totally trend worthy would be a good silk linen such as Mikado or Dupioni, and don't forget lush velvets...they are SO in.

Garlands and excess eucalyptus. Let’s bring back color!

We truly do love eucalyptus and garlands, however, we’ve seen so many weddings with these features that we are always hoping to see something different.

Perhaps, more of an elevated elegance of light greenery heavy with romantic florals. We’ve seen many couples go with neutrals for florals in recent years. We are hopeful to see pops of color. Jewel tone are so in right now so we’re hoping for deep reds, dark blues, greens, and shades of marsala.


While there are many shades and ways to incorporate nude, fleshy, and pretty chalky Parisian tones into your palate, “Blush” should not be a theme or a description let alone a wedding design destination. 

“Blush” has been a catch-all color to describe the very popular muted neutral tone color palates the past few years. While these colors are timeless and will always be wedding appropriate, the shades have been so popular, and therefore a bit overdone, we firmly believe it would be just so much fun to bring color back.

Let's play with a new variety of color combinations. Explore the potential of other favorite colors. If you're set on blush, consider burnt orange and shades of a peachy blush simply as a compliment along with slate blue and chocolate paired with marble fabrics. Something like this would not only be gorgeous, it will take your love of the neutral blush tones to a unique level.

Over-the-top escort displays

Don’t get us wrong, we love a creative escort display, but we’re also big believers in functionality. We’ve been seeing a lot of super creative escort displays that unfortunately miss the mark when it comes being practical...think escort cards suspended from the ceiling. Our goal is to always create an escort display that’s as creative as it is functional! 

Frivolous Favors

So often we see couples gift their guests' items like can koozies and personalized wine glasses. These items always seem like a fun memorable gift, however, we are going to be honest with you.

Once your wedding is over, these items will get chucked into the back of a closet where they will become roommates with the dust bunnies. Unless it has their name on them they are going to lose interest quickly. We suggest giving guests something that they can consume. Whether its customized cookies or a cute gift box of kisses, if it is a sweet treat we guarantee that guests will love it. The most popular favor we've ever seen, however, was prettily packages pieces of wedding cake because who wouldn't want some cake for later, too? 


We are thrilled to say sayonara to minimoons! People are taking more time off work to galavant across the globe with their spouse right after they tie the knot.

A long weekend, even one week doesn’t seem to be enough. The average honeymoon for 2018 is about 10 days long. Couples are leaving 1-2 days after the wedding and travel as far away from home as possible: Europe, Asia, South Africa. They seem to be saving the go-to beach destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean, for quick trips down the road.

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