Murfreesboro author plans book release

Mar 26, 2018 at 08:00 am by Cynthialynn Jones


Our Father and His Son Jesus, our King, called us all to bring forth justice in the earth, but our true purpose is energized by our embracing the opportunity to establish justice in the earth.

The entirety of God’s Kingdom is established and upheld by Justice! We, as sons and daughters of God, are to champion justice on the earth and are to discover the many Justice opportunities ordained by God for each of us every day.

Steffron James will be releasing his book, Champions of Justice, at a private book launching event in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on April 7.  With the intent to provoke others to acts of Justice, he will not only be giving his book away, but he has dedicated the proceeds of his book to go towards acts of Justice.

Micah 6:8 launched the author in his discovery of justice. It states: 8He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do Justice and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?  It was then the author realized that He was not just showing him, but the implication was to all mankind (Oh my people), that this thing called “justice” was something He was seeking, needing, requesting, demanding, and compelling; but obviously was not getting. God was being offered many things, including all kinds of sacrifices, by His people, but that was not what he was desiring. He wanted justice to dominate!

As Steffron approached the age of 50, he felt a sense of unrest. He began to feel an uneasiness about whether he had accomplished or fulfilled his ultimate purpose for being on the earth. He was being plagued by a strong thirst for significance and a desire to make a difference, but not just any difference—a lasting difference. 

This unrest was tugging at his very soul! No matter what else he pursued, studied, or spent time on, there was a lingering conscious thought that “there was more.” Would there be a change in the earth for better because he was present in this world? What he began to learn about justice did not happen overnight.  It was over several years as he read through the Bible in his yearly reading program that it was revealed to him the heart of Justice. He has dedicated this book to revealing and hopefully getting the reader to discover there are Justice opportunities ordained by God for each of us every day.

Jason Scales, Author and Pastor of Believers Faith Fellowship in Christiana, Tennessee says “Steffron James has written an instant classic. This book is one for the ages. I believe every believer needs to read this book. This book pulls you in and clearly explains our kingdom mandate to be champions of justice. Steffron points out things in scripture that I have never seen, and I have read many of the scriptures on multiple occasions. God has given him a revelation that brings wisdom and understanding for God’s purpose for wealth. This book gives God’s desire for believers as it pertains to wealth because it is the proper balance between the prosperity gospel driven by greed and poverty masked as humility! This book gives a clear description of why God trusts us with an abundance of resources to execute his agenda on the earth. I was convicted, inspired, and in awe—all at the same time—while reading this book. This is the type of book that must be read several times to fully get the full revelation that is being conveyed.”

Steffron has assembled a team to help him Champion the cause of Justice on the earth. You can learn more about these efforts at 

Here you can request a book, make a donation towards acts of Justice or better yet, join the team that is doing Justice on the earth and be a Champion of Justice yourself!

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