Bring luck to your wedding with hues of blues

Mar 07, 2018 at 10:00 am by Weddings&Event by Raina


Blue is our new favorite accent color.

It’s effortless, romantic and ethereal, not to mention that it looks great when paired with a range of other colors. Choose a light, muted blue tone to incorporate throughout your decor to maintain a modern aesthetic. 

It's a perfect color for spring, fall or even a winter wedding.

First, let's talk about those pretty, pretty blooms.

Because there aren't many blue blossoms that naturally occur in nature, this is a wonderful area for you to incorporate those softer hues or bold jewel tones you love. Pairing a contrasting color can really make your blue POP!

We suggest incorporating hydrangea which is, thankfully, available all year long without a hefty price tag. We also love to include muscari, delphinium and hyacinth for those deep blue tones, as well as thistle which is great for texture as well as adding a softer pop of blue.

And don't forget the anemone! These come with darker blue petals or in white with a deep, almost navy, blue center. Delphinium and blue iris, when in season also make a stunning blue addition to any bouquet. 

We love simple stunning wedding cakes. You can never go wrong with a streamlined classic look.

Making cakes like this isn't always easy, however deciding how to decorate it can be!

If you want to jazz up your wedding cake a bit, ask your florist to add flowers at the crown or at the base of the cake. Then tie it to your overall look by adding the same type of flowers from your bouquet.

Make sure to keep your florals consistent throughout your wedding decor. If your bouquet is loose and organic, try to imitate that in your cake. And, always be sure top it off with one gorgeous flower. Sugar flowers can also be a very impressive look.

If you have the right pastry artist they can make realistic stunning flowers in any color you wish entirely from spun sugar!

We love to have one leading color and then several complimentary colors to tie it all together for a mismatched wedding you can really show off! It might be the reason why you chose having an all-blue/pink/gray wedding in the first place.

Let your ladies show off their personality with their dresses or use it to break up the monotonous same dress creating a more modern look that creates a stunning wedding. 

If you're purchasing your bridesmaid dresses from a major retailer, chances are that they will have dresses in several different blue hues. Just make sure they are similar enough that you don't end up with one bridesmaid in electric blue and another in a soft pale blue.

We recommend selecting three to four colors depending on the number of bridesmaids you have and let your ladies choose their favorites. If you want the girls in a specific order while at the altar, however, assign each person a color so there aren't two of the same next to each other. 

The key is to keep the dresses in a similar style. It's perfectly acceptable if some are strapless or halter. But, make sure the lengths and material stay the same.  If one bridesmaid is wearing a tea-length while another is wearing floor-length, it will throw off the entire aesthetic.   

Truly want to make a statement? Buck the trend of traditional and stroll the aisle in style! 

Put your beautiful bridesmaids in white while you bowl them all away in blue!  This will surely create a more modern look for a simply elegant wedding. If all blue isn't for you, consider having your dress dyed or ombred to bring in that hint of color and style without fully committing to the color as the brides in our blog post, Dippity Do Dah!

This is a perfect opportunity for you and your ladies to jump in on the fun! 

Offer your lovely maids the opportunity of sporting your different accent colors while you dazzle in all white. Or embrace the bridal tradition of something blue with your shoe! Shoes are where you can add that fun pop of color. If mismatched is not your style, choose a color similar to your bridesmaid's dresses. If all of them are in soft blues, make sure to match them. 

Don't forget your stationery. 

You can go a little off the color palette path with your invitations, save the dates and thank you cards, but if you want to stick with your colors, these keep with a beautiful blue theme in a wide variety of hues.

We highly recommend having them hand painted by Tocci Calligraphy for a stunning statement setting the stage with your invitations before your guests ever arrive at the big event!

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