Music Spotlight: MusicCred App

Apr 09, 2024 at 04:58 pm by Bethany Bowman

One of the most challenging parts of being a musical performer is not the actual singing/playing, but getting your music heard. I have encountered hundreds of insanely talented artists who know how to write songs and sing/play/perform but have nowhere to showcase their talents.

Conversely, there are hundreds of venues in a lot more places besides Nashville that are looking for reliable talent to fill their spaces. They need a credible performer/band who gives as good as they take.

That’s where the app, MusicCred, comes in handy. Still in beta testing, MusicCred is a pioneering new platform that connects artists, venues, and fans, aiming to simplify and streamline the live music booking process. With a commitment to empowering independent artists and small to medium-sized venues, MusicCred provides the tools and technology needed to succeed in the ever-evolving music industry.

As independent artists continue to grow in popularity, they need a place to get started, a way to get their music to fans. I spoke with the MusicCred app creator, Chad Laboy.

He advised, “Our app streamlines the booking processes between venues and artists. So you know it helps to keep things organized, keep your inquiries, your contracts, your bookings, everything through one platform. It’s like Airbnb for the music business.”

It is ready to use as is, but they are still in the process of making improvements to the app as the need arises.

Laboy explained, “We're getting a lot of feedback from different artists and venues. And of course, we're trying to be progressive in getting those features added. We're still adding more features and technology to the platform to kind of help other processes within the app.”

For those just starting, this app can replace an actual booking agent. But for those who already work with a management team, this app can help the managers find the best venues to fit their artist(s).

It is free to use the app. They make money by charging the venue and the artist 2.5% of the booking fee.

“You can't just give it all away for free or it won't support it. It's not sustainable. It's like a really small fee, even less than a credit card payment fee. That helps us keep the app growing and, of course, building the features that are going to help support independent artists,” Laboy shared.

It can help artists who have several major venues booked to fill in dates nearby at the locations where they are already.

One of the main benefits I see is helping artists with contacts they need as they schedule their shows. It helps for the artists and the venues not to be taken advantage of.

Laboy advised, “All the communication through the app is very transparent. The venues and the artists can talk and discuss terms. Everything that is done through the app is based on our terms of service. Everything that is agreed upon is right there.”

Musician Alston Weeks stated, “Who needs connections in the music biz when you have MusicCred? It's like having your very own superstar booking agent right by your side. Higher pay and sweet gigs here I come!”

Country artist Jessie G exclaimed, “The MusicCred app has helped me grow my career so much! I can easily share the link to my profile page which allows venues and people to book me for shows through the app. Instead of missing all those emails, DM's, comments of venues reaching out to book me or spending time chasing down leads that never turn into real shows, this app makes that whole process quick and professional. Knowing that the money is already in my account as soon as I play my show is so relieving too. I don't want to have to track down a manager and have to spend time figuring out how to get paid!”

All I know is that if I had the gift of singing/performing, or if I owned a bar or venue, this app would be the first place I would look to book shows.

You can download the MusicCred app in the Apple App Store or via Google Play.

You can follow MusicCred on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blogInstagram, and X(Twitter).