Spring Eggstravaganza for DOGS!

Apr 05, 2023 at 01:17 pm by Beesley Animal Foundation

Are you ready for Beesley Animal Foundation's first ever Spring Eggstravaganza?!? 🐶 🥚 💕

Well, our volunteers are ready! You can find all the details here:

You request an 'egging' and our volunteers will deliver and hide eggs for your dog(s) in your FRONT YARD the night of Friday, April 14th!
Wake up on Saturday, April 15th, to a yard with treat-stuffed eggs and a Goody Bag left at your front door. You can order as many Dog Egg Hunts as you like if you have multiple dogs... or you just want to spoil one dog a lot. You can also purchase the Dog Hunt AND Cat Hunt combo ticket. Have fun with your pets at home all while you support Beesley Animal Foundation!🐾❤
DEADLINE: April 9, 2023. Delivery is April 14, 2023 DELIVERY AREA: Rutherford Co.

*You can expect to see two to four volunteers "egging" your FRONT YARD starting as early as 4:00 pm. *
**You will be asked to provide an address to the location you want to be "egged." We will only hide eggs in FRONT yards.**
***If it is raining, the volunteers will leave all the eggs and Goody bag at your door. ***
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Beesley's mission is to promote responsible pet care and the welfare of companion animals throughout Middle Tennessee.