Murfreesboro Gas Prices are .69-Cents Below the National Average for Reg. Unleaded

Sep 06, 2022 at 03:27 pm by Voice Wire

(RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TENN) Gas prices in the Heart of Tennessee are DOWN. Right now, the average price of regular unleaded fuel in the Volunteer State is at $3.33 per gallon. Rutherford County currently has some of the lowest prices on gas, with an average price of regular unleaded at $3.22 per gallon. The national average is .52-cents higher at $3.74 per gallon.

If we leave the rural gas stations off the list in Rutherford County, it brings the average price at the pump down to $3.15 per gallon, which means Rutherford County is one of the cheapest places to buy gas in the United States. Just last week, that price came in at $3.27 per gallon. The current price of $3.15 per gallon equals a .12-cent drop in gas prices throughout Rutherford County (on average).

In Murfreesboro, the average price of gas is .69-cents cheaper than the national average. Murfreesboro currently has an average price of $3.05 per gallon. Smyrna places second in the race for cheap gas at $3.16 per gallon (regular). LaVergne gas stations are charging an average of $3.23 per gallon right now.

DIESEL: For diesel fuel, the average in Rutherford County is resting at $4.61 per gallon. Murfreesboro maintains the win for having the least expensive price at the pump in the diesel category at $4.51 per gallon for diesel. Smyrna comes in second at $4.63 per gallon and LaVergne prices are averaging $4.68 per gallon (diesel).





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