Consolidated Utility District Holds Ceremony for Apprentices

May 26, 2022 at 01:38 pm by Voice Wire

MURFREESBOROOn the occasion of six Consolidated Utility District (CUD) employees being accepted into the Apprenticeship Program of the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts, CUD held a signing ceremony on May 24. This currently represents the largest number of employees from a single utility in the state to enter the program.

Maintenance Technicians Jonah Hartline, Hunter Helton, Jacob Stevenson, and Jon Fitzgerald committed to apprentice toward the role of Water Systems Operations Specialist. Wastewater Operators Devin Drew and Bailey Robbins chose to pursue a development track toward Wastewater Systems Operations Specialist.

The duration of the workload runs approximately two years, which will include 4,000 hours. For both tracks, this would involve 240 hours in tools, equipment, and workplace safety; 400 hours in vehicles and heavy equipment; 1920 hours in system operations and maintenance; 960 hours in quality control; and 480 hours in logistics, reports, and supervision. The first two years for both tracks would also include more than 288 hours of curriculum instruction.

“We congratulate each of our six employees for taking this step to further their education and professional development,” said Consolidated Utility District General Manager Roger Goodson. “Their work will provide an essential service to every home and business in Rutherford County. Safe, reliable water is vital to everyday life.”

“We believe in a series of Core Values that guide our work at all times,” said Consolidated Utility District Director of Operations Bryant Bradley. “Two of those values are quality and self-motivation. Our employees demonstrate both by signing today and committing themselves to this program.”

The development tracks are part of the National Rural Water Association Apprenticeship Program crafted for the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts, in accordance with standards established by the Department of Labor.

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