Walk My Dog 2022 Begins May 1

May 03, 2022 at 10:26 am by FamilyPetHealth

Local animal hospital, Family Pet Health, in partnership with Wag It Better Dog Training, has announced their third annual Walk My Dog program for area residents to encourage a healthier and stronger bond between dog and owner. 

The concept is similar to a library's summer reading program but instead of reading books, participants will be walking miles with their dogs. The Walk My Dog program will begin May 1 and run through June 30. Participants may register at www.familypethealth.com/walkmydog

Fear, anxiety and stress for humans and pets alike are at an all-time high. Getting outdoors and walking your dog decreases anxiety and stress and reinforces a positive relationship with your dog. Studies have shown that people who have a training partner are more likely to stay motivated and fit. That is especially true if your training buddy is your dog.

The Walk My Dog program is open to all ages of humans and dogs, and there is no cost to register. There are divisions for elementary, secondary school, adults and seniors. There will also be divisions for dogs based upon size. You can learn more about the rules on the registration page at www.familypethealth.com/walkmydog.

Each week, participants will also be able to participate in social media challenges sponsored by local businesses. Details on each week’s challenge will be posted through various social media platforms as well as at the program website. Prizes will be awarded for best social media post using the hashtag #walkmydog. There will also be prizes for all participants who meet mileage goals of 15, 30, 50 and 75 miles during the program. Overall prizes will be awarded at the Walk My Dog celebration on July 9. 

Wag It Better Dog Training will be providing free training advice for participants throughout the duration of the program utilizing online resources and webinars. Topics include selecting proper gear, training your dog to walk without pulling the leash, dog-walking safety tips, and more. 

Family Pet Health is located at 3307 Manchester Pike in Murfreesboro. The practice, owned by Dr. Amy Shirley and her husband Michael, is a small and exotics animal veterinary hospital. They provide a full range of veterinary services including exams and vaccinations, lab work and diagnostics, surgeries and referral services. All of their staff members are Fear Free certified and have undergone extensive training on recognizing and reducing signs of fear, anxiety and stress in their patients. Learn more at https://familypethealth.com/.

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