Misfits and Pirates: Made for Each Other

Apr 27, 2022 at 11:23 am by Paulette Jackson

They used to be a big seller at the Toy Store. They were posable characters; a dog with a wooden leg and a cat with an eye patch, both made in the image of ruffian swashbuckling pirates that inspired the imagination of young boys and a few young girls, to engage in the childhood fantasy of battling libertines and scoundrels together and saving the day.

However, after several years of being "best sellers" on the shelves, the popularity of these childhood icons began to fade, as evident by only two remaining characters on the shelf, instead of many.

Finally, the toy store owner decided to remove the two left-over pirates from the shelf and sent them back to the toy maker ... to be melted down and remade into some other eye-catching toy for young children.

When the two left over pirates, Peg-Leg Dog and Pirate Cat got to the toymaker facility, the two immediately figured out what was coming. They were suddenly dumped out of the truck they were brought in, then scooped up by a machine that would take them to a "re-purposing" room, where they would be put on a conveyor belt and taken to an area where they would be melted down, then re-cast into some other kind of toy.

When Peg-Leg Dog and Pirate Cat saw what was going on, they both knew they had to escape, and they had to cooperate together.

Since Peg-Leg Dog couldn't get around that easy, he instructed Pirate Cat how to proceed, so they could stay safe. He told her to run quickly to the big switch on the wall and turn off the conveyor belt.

Getting the conveyor belt turned off, the two made their way out of the re-purposing facility and began figuring out how to get back home. Since Peg-Leg Dog could see better, he directed Pirate Cat to the best path that would get them home quickly. And since Pirate Cat could run on all four legs, she ran interference, keeping them from being caught by the toy police, and getting them home quickly and safely, with Peg-Leg dog directing.

Finally, the two made their way back home, to the Toy Store. It was a Saturday, and the owner of the store was busy with customers.

Standing outside the store, Peg-Leg Dog and Pirate Cat, were relieved to be at home, in spite of being "discontinued" by the store owner.

As the two watched children and parents entering the toy store, they looked at each other, with an idea. They decided they would follow a customer into the store, so as not to be seen, then go back to their "pirate aisle" and get back up on the shelf ... then wait for some little boy or girl to notice them and want to take them home.

It wasn't long before a little boy, who was on crutches and wore glasses, came along and saw the two characters. It was just what he wanted. They were like him!

And to their surprise, Peg-Leg dog and Pirate cat, overheard the little boy ask his mom if he could have them; to which she answered, "Yes".

And within a short time, the mother and her little boy left the toy store, toting two, swashbuckling pirate friends.

This story was adapted from the short film produced by Spiritual Cinema, over ten years ago.

The story reminds us of several perspectives. One is, we need each other. Two is, cooperation allows our gifts, strengths and even weaknesses, to complement each other. Three is, two halves make a whole.

Whether it is colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances, close friends, lovers or family members, the caring gift of our self and abilities to each other can be a salve to almost any situation or burden, and a healing hope to severed relationships.

So, let us all don our skills and resources, along with our peg legs and eye patches. May we battle the scoundrels and libertines of our own souls. May we save the days by honoring our ruffian, swashbuckling pirate selves, and each other ... by standing together, filling the shelves.

For the Support of Your Life
For the Many Sides of Life

Paulette Jackson