Rutherford Democrats announce record number of candidates, diversity takes center stage with Democratic County Commission Candidates

Mar 04, 2022 at 05:28 am by CathyWatts


On Saturday, February 19, Rutherford County Democrats met to celebrate a record number of County Commission candidates for the May primary. Having set robust goals for the 2022 election cycle, intending to put candidates on the ballot for every office, Rutherford Democrats are poised for the strongest election cycle in recent memory. 

The 2022 roster of Democratic Candidates for County Commission are: 

  • District 1, Hope Oliver
  • District 3, Anita Herron 
  • District 7, Joseph (Joey) Locher
  • District 8, Matthew (Matt) Burke
  • District 9, Mark A Linville
  • District 10, Iris Dismukes
  • District 12, Celest Davis
  • District 15, Cedric Alford
  • District 16, Kyle Mullicane
  • District 17, Mariah Phillips
  • District 21, Chantho Sourinho

With a record number of Democratic candidates, and a record number of Black women running for county commission, we expect voters who understand the value of diverse representation will show up at the polls with great enthusiasm this year. Over the next few months, we will be sharing more information about each of the candidates, their views and how to connect with them.

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