Democrats vote against partisan school board elections

Dec 09, 2021 at 09:25 am by CathyWatts

By an overwhelming majority, the Rutherford County Democratic Party voted not to add partisan Democratic primary elections for school board positions to the ballot in the 2022 election season.

When the Republican majority State Legislature voted during the Special Session to authorize partisan elections for school board races (HB9072/SB9009), each political party needed to make a decision to amend their call for a primary to these previously non-partisan positions. The Rutherford County Democratic Party Executive Committee met in Special Session and voted not to amend their call for primary to add a partisan Democratic primary for school board positions. 

Democrats believe strongly in public education, and we see the unnecessary politicization of these previously non-partisan positions as detrimental to the great cooperation and success that has been the hallmark of our school boards -- both the Rutherford County Board of Education and the Murfreesboro City School Board. These bodies have governed well without the specificity of party affiliation, deftly putting the students' needs first rather than laying political minefields.

“We hope our Republican counterparts feel the same about the future of our School Board elections -- that unproductive fracturing of the fellowship and shared purpose of our current school board members will at the very least stunt the future growth and development of these bodies,” said Cathy Watts, Rutherford County Democratic Party Chair.

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